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These bits do the business. All out in the past fortnight unless stated otherwise.


Robin Ordell – JC EP (Half Baked)

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An injection of ingenuity with this JC EP from resident Robin Ordell of Half Baked Party crew. Minimal leaning house you would find soundtracking one of their East London parties. The smartly named “Nobody Loves Bishopsgate” is a particular highlight with Ordell laying down a rubbery bassline that complements the crisp snare rolls and generally murky atmospherics.



Kashawar – Amant (Ruis Holland)

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RUIS is a new limited vinyl only label of Ruiskamer, a record shop near by Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Founded by the guys of KARTON Label. Grey colored & marbled 180 gram hand stamped record with a limited number of copies, a very special EP by Kashawar.



Leif – Nour & Lighht (Sudden Drop)

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Leif is once again revealing new shades to his sound on this latest missive for Sudden Drop. The rhythm section and dubby hits of “Solstice” the chords come straight from the ethereal channel he has always tapped up on his productions. “With Your Sincere Heart” takes a more floaty direction into drifting pads and gossamer-light beats, which is an approach continued on “Once There Was Nothing” albeit with a fuller sound spectrum of dreamy tones. “Sintra” finishes the EP off with a delicate and twirling line in chimes and notes offset by a ranging bassline and a subtle but forthright drum set.



 VA – Family Affairs Vol.1 (Earlydub Records)

early dub


Earlydub launch its VINYL ONLY series.. 180 grams vinyl featuring tracks by Fernando Costantini, Alexandar Kyosev, Loquace, Sons of Tiki, Yamen & EDA..
VINYL ONLY – Serious. 




Roman Flugel – Happiness Is Happening (Dial Germany)

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German veteran Roman with his follow-up albnum to his 2011 debut LP retains that melodic playfulness – not to mention a curious pop sensibility with regards to tunefulness – but douses it in the clanking rhythms of machine drums and industrial strength electronics. The production is still pleasingly finessed, but there’s also a pleasingly raw feel to his blends of IDM, deep house, deep techno, electronica and classic Kraftwerk.


Chris Carrier – True Step Locomotion  (Slap Funk Records)

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Stasple for French Robsoul label, Chris Carrier delivers his first full length album now finding himself in Holland writing LPs for SlapFunk Records, a label launched in 2012 that’s so far released music from a host of emerging house heads. Carrier, now SlapFunk’s marquee artist, delivers a full listen of smooth and sweet deep house with a slight touch of abstract Perlon-isms and creative, almost industrial, sound designs – and a release that’ll put SlapFunk on the map at that.


By Ell Weston