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These bits do the business. All out in the past fortnight unless stated otherwise.


Martinez – The Path (Concealed Sounds)


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Slamming deep groovin Stuff, limited Copies on Vinyl Only. SERIOUS




Ion Ludwig – 46 LJ + FELIX BALLAD (Trelik)


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As one of the more distinctive minimal house operators in these times, Ion Ludwig makes for a snug fit over at Trelik towers, and with this three tracker its not hard to see why his records vanish quicker than you can say Baby Ford. 46 LJ + Felix Ballad is a refined groover with a fine balance between gritty low end chunk and gossamer top-end, working subtle hits of bass and illustrious string sweeps into the mix to great effect. EM Carpet meanwhile darts out into more obscure territory, keeping the beats to a minimum and focusing on warm and fuzzy synth tones.


David Gluck – Just The Tip EP (Minibar)




Time will tell they say, and so it didnt… *Lebush* had been lost in the minibar archive since 2005, making a few strongly unnoticed reappearances year in, year out, before finally ending up on Glucks *…just the tip* EP today. The package comes with a self-explanatory lebush-kickmix version by Cabanne, as well as two debilitating slices of interstellar ear pain called *In lov* and *Werehouse*, both recorded while performing freestyle dentistry on a dead yet actively reluctant coat hanger. 


VA – From Romania To Japan (The Rabbit Hole)


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Step into The Rabbit Hole and we ll take you on a journey from Romania to Japan, featuring some of the finest producers from both worlds. First track is from the well known duo Livio & Roby, who also deliverd a stunning remix on our second release. They share the romanian side with Cally, who needs little introduction because of his beatiful releases on Fear of Flying, Neostrictly or Broquade. On the flip side we have Yudai Tamura, a very talented japanese newcomer and Yoshitaca, already a veteran DJ and producer in his home country.



By Ell Weston