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These bits do the business. All out in the past fortnight unless stated otherwise.

Melchior Productions Ltd  – Mediations 1-3 Part 2 (Perlon)


Thomas Melchior will return to Perlon as Melchior Productions Ltd with a two-part release called ‘Meditations’.

Perlon is the label Thomas Melchior is most aligned with. He’s released some of his best work on Zip and Markus Nikolai’s seminal imprint, while also being responsible for some of the label’s most far-reaching cuts (‘Different Places’, ‘Feel Sensual’ and ‘The Later The Evening’…). He returned to Perlon after a three-year hiatus, during which he released music on [a:rpia:r] and his own Aspect Music.

The second part of ‘Meditations’ comprises three tracks, which are again typically Melchior style. He proves again that he is one of the best producers of all time. Part 2 recently dropped on December 15th. Enjoy!


DJ Aakmael – Slow Down 001 (Slow Down)

slowdown copy

This brand new vinyl only label will be focussing on quality Deep House. These hand stamped records are auspicious. They won’t be released digitally and the pressing will be limited worldwide. This is the first release, proper old school Chi-town/NY atmospherically stuff. Slow Down loves house music and this is their playground.


Life Recorder – The 8th Argument EP (Argumento Music)


There’s something particularly fitting about the title of Life Recorder’s latest 12, his follow-up to the well-received Hope In The Soul EP on Soul Print. As the title of the main track on this EP suggests, ‘90 State’ sounds like it was heavily influenced by vintage 808 State, and Pacific State in particular. The analogue-sounding beats, spine tingling electronics, melodies and wide-eyed chords all recall the rave-era classic, making ‘90 State’ a thoroughly enjoyable, Balearic house gem. The remix package is pretty tasty too. Stojche provides a tougher, kick-heavy techno take – complete with relentless drum machine handclaps and drawn-out cymbals – while Vidinovski opts for a woozier, dreamier deep house feel. Lovely stuff.


Anton ZAP – Sleduyushly (Sol Asylum Germany)


‘Sleduyushly’ is the latest EP on Sol Asylum from Anton Zap. Sol Asylum pleased to be closing out 2014 with the delightfully well-crafted deep house that resonates within Anton. This vinyl starts with ‘Talking’ a simplistic yet deep and ever-evolving atmosphere with peculiar echoes and noises that speak through constantly moving metallic percussion. Next ‘Rublewood’ with its trotting wooden clicks and oscillating claps it morphs through the track until the euphoric themes expand bringing you to the next level. In ‘My Lesson’, Anton channels a 90s ambience with a definite feel for funk. ‘Arpeggiated’ synths with just a hint of acid mixed with harmonic pads and unconventional horn riffs bring this eccentric soundtrack together. Finally ‘Her Lesson’ brings you to more experimental territory with a futuristic outer galactic journey through space and time where a metronomic kick, walking baseline and gleaming pads transport you to another dimension.


Romar – Visio (Fasten Musique)


Fasten Musique brings you RORA label owner Romar straight to your ears. The 6th instalment of the label is a vinyl only 12-inch release with stunning remix by Eklo owner Seuil. This record is expected to be released in the second week of January.


Gari Romalis – The Last Man Standing (Dockside Records)


With his one record already under his belt all the way back in 1996, Gari Romalis is no fresh faced bedroom producern having also been part of Cratesavers with Terrence Parker and Trackmasta Lou. Dockside have definitely unearthed a brilliant producer that still knows where house is at. ‘The Last Man Standing’ sounds instantly timeless. Deep, stripped down and unashamedly good house music, that sound like it could have been made at any point during those last 16 years since mr Romalis’ first release. Vinyl only release, don’t sleep.


DJ Boom – Kinda Kickin’ (Curle Petite)


DJ Boom is the alias of two legends: Charles Webster and Matthew Herbert. This classic, ‘Kinda Kickin’, is now being re-released. The EP will be featuring the original version and the Efdemin remix! If you do not already bought it, now is the time. Good luck!


Various Artists – Gua Limited 009 (Gua Limited)


This limited to 300 copies record is the latest release on Gua Limited with tracks of various artists. The first one is a really nice one by Voigtmann and Russo. The second comes from the hand of Tulbure and the the final one on this EP is made by Pasq. Be quick!