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Tommy Vicari JNR – Eclipser 4 (Eclipser Chaser)


Tommy Vicari Junior brings us a great 4-tracker EP on Eclipser Chaser. He is a very talented producer and DJ! Side A contains some flavoured house tunes. Side B consists of some harder and faster beats. Excellent release!

Detroit Soul Factory – The Message (Housewax)


The Detroit Soul Factory releases in Housewax! Very nice house tunes. Meoko is fallen in love with the B-side: a proper house gem with a great bassline! ‘The Message’ was written and produced in the legendary Motor City, Detroit!

E.R. – Sew EP (1432 R)


Not very often house music comes out of the African continent, except for South Africa. But here is an Ethiopian producer: Ethiopian Records (born Endeguena Mulu). He is a musician based in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. His productions are very divers, but the A-side is definitely cool and Meoko supports music that is been made in countries not famous for its dance music tradition!


Yakine – Galactic Halo (Lumières La Nuit)

Yakine lumiere la nuit

“It was very important for me to give a dub-ish colour to this EP and propose something different than what people already know from me. ‘Pressure Feed’ is a tribute to all Maurizio’s tracks which I never get bored listening or playing. Regarding ‘Water Flood’, I wanted to produce something simple that stands far from the traditional 4/4 beat. I wanted to make it a break beat on the kick while bringing refined ambiance and atmospheric patches to it. Finally, ‘Cold Atom’ is the result of a permanent rhythmic evolution that embodies the vision I have of an astral trip, both dub and intense.” Meoko likes this release and this label. We are very curious to listen to the next releases of Lumières La Nuit.


Andrea Fiorito – Voodoo Grooves Vol 1 (Cynosure)


After a year spent perfecting the sound and style of his latest project, Andrea Fiorito makes his highly anticipated return to Cynosure Recordings with ‘Voodoo Grooves’! Cool A-side! Release: the 23th of March.


Delano Smith – A Tale of Two Cities (A Tale of Two Cities)

delano smith

Delano Smith, Efdemin and Tobias on an ultra limited vinyl release! That must sound good! This is a mesmerizing techno record worth the buy!


Various Artists – Etui Winter Camp 3 (Etui Records)

 Etui VA

Since the climate has slightly changed during the last years, its hard to talk about real winter in the northern hemisphere. However the world feels a bit colder these days. To keep your hearts warm, Etui Records has opened the winter camp again. Artists from Australia, Italy and Germany are delivering a musical fireplace of dub and deep techno. Very good release, A2 by Dandytracks is the cream of the crop!