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Headcore – Headcore EP  (Lazare Hoche Records)


MEOKO is a big fan of Lazare Hoche. This time they come with a repress of Gregory Darsa’s old pseudonym, Headcore. In the house-scene he is best known for his alias Point G. Headcore was used for a single EP back in 1998, released on Versatile. Here, that EP gets a welcome reissue. Four nice tracks that still sound really fresh nowadays. They will be out on the 26th of January.

Dot – The Next Spot (Legotek)


Dot and Legotek, respectively a producer and record label from Tel Aviv, Israel, come with a very nice 8-track vinyl. Each track of this EP can be seen either as one special individual or the whole package as one big flowing journey. Mixed together this could easily turn out as a live set. Staying true to the underground heart of Legotek, Dot has managed what many aim for in effort. A vibrant, lively and deep sound constantly accompanied by strong kicks and pumping melodies. The analogue core of the story has been given the breath of life to become a classic piece of deep house history. This is an amazing release!

Binh – Visio (Perlon)


Finally the snippets are out! Binh joins one of the most impressive labels in the underground scene, Perlon. Since there weren’t many new artists signed on the label nowadays, this premiere is unique. In this release Binh creates the typical trippy house music Perlon stands for. This release is lovely and definitely worth buying.

Gari Romalis – The Vision of Rhythm (Anma Records)

gari romalis

We are here again with a new Gari Romalis. Anma Records is a London based label specialized in House Music, with influence from Chicago and Detroit. Gari Romalis is on fire and these hard house tunes will blow your ears. Watch out this is a limited vinyl only release, be quick!

Ricardo Miranda – Up on the Scene (Rawax)


Born in the distinctively Puerto Rican neighbourhood of Lincoln Park, Chicago. Ricardo Miranda is music reflects a traditional House culture that goes beyond just sound or legendary stories. Meoko likes the A-side very much, party music!

Kerri Chandler – Atmosphere (Shelter Records)


For our old-school happy deep house lovers, we have another repress of an always been sought-after vinyl. Due to the quest of collectors to search for these old house tunes, the prices on the second-hand market were too high. Now this Kerri Chandler is available again, re-mastered, re-pressed and re-released with permission and in conjunction with Shelter Records, New York City and featuring the original 1993 label artwork.