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These bits do the business. All out in the past fortnight unless stated otherwise.


X – X (Rush Hour Recordings)

X-X rush records

Dutch record label Rush Hour Recordings comes again with a nice house/techno record. Known for the distribution of their eclectic variety of music, this label comes today with a very nice record. Primarily the second and definitely the third track on this release are Meoko’s favourite.


Various Artists – Chicago (Park & Ride Records)

Va park hide records

There is a new vinyl-only label born called Park & Ride Records. It sets off with their inaugural release, a four track EP of Chicago focused, underground techno. Welcoming four close cohorts of the Balance Artists family, the release shifts between groovy techno, deep garage flavours, left-of-centre house and spaced-out deep house with consummate ease. Full of individuality and personality, it is the perfect way to introduce the world to a new label.


Einzig – Everywhere (Bodyparts Records)


The 11th release of Moscow based label Bodyparts, represented by Einzig, consists of different groovy techno rhythms. With again a nice release from this Russian collective, Bodyparts is creating a path for itself in the electronic music scene. On this EP you can find three original tracks by Einzig and one lovely version remixed by Matei Tulbure.


Octave – CHT003 (Chelsea Hotel Records)


The third EP by Chelsea Hotel Records is firmed by Romanian DJ Octave, who already released on the new Low To High Records before. This release contains some deep and techno sounds fused in a long groovy atmosphere.


Various Artists – UndersoundLAB (Undersoundl)


After a long hiatus, London based Undersound is finally out with their third and latest release. This EP included three great tracks from Harry McCanna, Mattia Lapucci and Chris Geschwindner. If you like warm and neat house records, you definitely need to check this one out.


Dave Hargadon – Finding Purpose Part 2 (Land of Dance Records)

dave hargadon

This is the second part of the sold out album Finding Purpose produced by the Dublin based artist Dave Hargadon, also know as the half part of the project Slowburn. Again house sounds from Chicago, Detroit and via The Hague with strong melodies and heavy drums!


Shadee & S. Moreira – Expedition (Polen)

shadee and s moreira

The 4th vinyl from the Romanian label Polen is a bit different then the others and it is what people call nowadays a split EP. Now based in Berlin the label showcases two producers that are under the radar. Shadee and Sergio Moreira take part with two tracks each on what we could define as deep house. Take a listen and enjoy the autumn colours.


Simon Ferdinand – Just One (Night Drive Music)


Simon Ferdinand brings out some raw and moody house music tracks. This house music is far away from clean and bling-bling grooves. Simon brings another stunning EP with atmospheric ‘dubby’ housetracks. We think that you should remember this name!