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These bits do the business. All out in the past fortnight unless stated otherwise.


Nicola Kazimir – Fractal Mind (Croisière)


This record from Nicola Kazimir on Croisière contains some great jacking and funking minimal house tracks. This is a nice quiet EP, very good to set off for an atmospheric night. A big like for this one.


Ofuren – Mind Jazz Explorations EP (Deep Explorer Spain)


Deep Explorer opens the door to the African producers with this “Mind Jazz Explorations EP“. Under the Ofuren‘s name, Siyabonga Ngwenya (Roots Go Deep) express all his lo-fi vision about the deep music. This is his debut on Deep Explorer with three songs full of smoke. The EP contains a remix of “Ancestry” by the mysterious Man-Drake with Afrikan Sciences (DeepBlak) helping on the bassline. Nice and quiet warm-up tracks!

Frederick – Eyes Closed (Fifty Fathoms Deep)


Frederick is the alias of a DJ and producer known for releases on labels like Local Talk and Soundofspeed. This time he releases on Fifty Fathoms Deep. Emotive, cinematic, epic and space are some of the words used to describe his approach to deep house music production and also in his versatile DJ sets. And this record has a nice remix too.


Parallel 9 – Dominus (Music Man)


Today the repress of an excellent spacin dubby and groovin Detroit Techno record is out on Music Man. Parallel 9′s Dominus is the ultimate techno classic/ If you do not have this one in your collection  yet, it is time to buy it. This classic belongs in every record collection, even if you are not really a techno-fan.

Star Dub – star_dub#10 (Star Dub Germany)


This EP from Star Dub contains a very nice B-side. Meoko loves it. We think B1 is definitely a true gem. Only for this track, we would buy the whole EP.

Hashman Deejay – Sandopolis (Future Times US)


Hashman Deejay’s debut album has a similarly dreamy feel as his first release on Future Times, even if the techno side of his output has been tamed a little. On Sandopolis, Hashman Deejay delivers spaced-out dance music spread across two 12-inches. Already released at the end of last year, but still available in the shops.