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February seems to be a very promising month for house-music, full of rereleases of old house tracks and of course some very nice new records! Check it out!!


S.A.M. – Delaphine  (Delaphine 004)


I don’t think we have to introduce S.A.M. He is a genius. Almost all of his releases are turned into gold. He is the new big thing. This release is again top quality. A big like from the Meoko-team. (In most shops already sold out, will be coming soon on Juno, be quick!)

Havantepe/Ben Boe/Chicago Deep/Taeleu – Halal prepared Vol3 (Boe recordings)


While their sporadic appearance remains a frustration, it’s hard to find fault with Boe Recordings’ Halal Prepared series of EPs. This third installment of the series, which lands 12 months after it’s’ predecessor, contains another quarter of high quality deep house jams. Meoko likes the Havantepe and the Ben Boe very much!


Iron Curtis – Care (Hudd Traxx)


Iron Curtis delivers his second full 4-track EP for Hudd Traxx following up the huge ‘Stansfield EP’ in 2010. The opening track ‘Care’ demonstrates IC’s diversity as a producer as he lays down a killer bassline with melodic keys which will find it’s way into many big hitters bags. ‘Sing Along With Your Friends’ has deep laid keys and an Motor City Drum Ensemble-feel to it accompanied by some heavy snares for good measure. Flip for the B Side and find ‘Shouting & Screaming’, a dark driving track that even Spencer Kinsey would be proud of. Iron Curtis rounds off the EP with a solid groovy little number entitled ‘Lasga’s Return’.

Atom Heart – Milagro (Rawax)


Atom, also known as Atom Heart and often confused with Señor Coconut, real name Uwe Schmidt, is a German composer, musician and record producer of electronic music. He is often regarded as the father of electrolatino, electrogospel and aciton (acid-reggaeton) music. Nice repress here!


Classic Man – Mellow/love (Nervous USA)

classic man

Yet another slept on Wayne Gardiner production from 1992, hand picked from the Nervous Records vaults and fresh for 2015. 2 mixes of “Mellow” take up side A. On side B we have 2 mixes of “Love”. This is the first time “Mellow / Love” has been repressed since it’s original 1992 release and this 2015 re-master and re-issue has been done in conjunction with and in full cooperation with Nervous Records.


Point G – Underwater (Apollonia)

point G

This is an Apollonia re-press of Point G’s rare classic ‘Underwater’, the first in a number of their personal out-of-stock favourites. The archetypal track of the Paris afterhours that encapsulates the sound of the Batofar Kwality parties, a memory which is at the very core and stimulus of Apollonia.

Barbir / Nicola Kazimir – Repetetive Juxtaposition (Les Points)


This release contains 4 STL locked groove remixes. This is only second time he has done remixes in his career and the first time in the history of vinyl that original tracks were abstracted into locked groove remixes. Barbir and Nicola Kazimir created also some very nice tracks on this EP.

Lodee Gruv – Bordel 001 (Bordel Ensemble)


New London Based imprint Bordel Ensemble was born out of the collaboration of four musically passionate wax collecting individuals. This two-track EP is their first EP signed by Lodee Gruv, the alias of one of the label’s founders. On side A, Lodee Gruv has punchy yet deep dance floor orientated beat accompanied by a Jazz sample that comes and goes during the 11 minute track. On side B a much deeper vibe is set with an atmospheric ‘nape’ filtered in and out pushed by heavy drums and supported by Vocal samples.

Deshte – Dangerous Minds (Krenta Records)


Deshte is back with this raw and epic sounding follow up ep, produced on a mixture of 70/80s drum machines, synthesisers, fx and outboards, creating a unique sound of todays detroit and chicago. Very, very nice record!!