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Martyné & Jacob – Dune (Traffic)


Traffic Records is in with their fourth release! Martyné & Jacob teamed up again and present the Dune EP, great broken techno, played out by Ricardo Villalobos, Dorian Paic, Michael Melchner.


Dubbyman – The Unexpected (Soul People Music Board)


The Deep Explorer Music’s boss makes his way to the Soul People Music universe once more with this long awaited EP. Appearing in 2011 on the COME compilation The Unexpected became a full-on project backed by an Above Smoke remix. Four nice house tracks definitely worth checking out.

Cinthie/Ed Herbst – Best Modus 05 (Beste Modus)


Very pumping and driving deep house music produced by Cinthie and Ed Herbst, which has found its inspiration in the 90s. All four tracks have a very nice sound, but B1 is definitely the one that jumps out of it for Meoko. A true gem.

Craig Hamilton – Broken Promises (Flatpack Traxx)


Dance flour music! Craig Hamilton created some house tunes that are perfectly shaped for on the dance flour. When you here these tracks, it makes you want to move and go to a party, which is of course a good thing.

Soha – Parc Naturel (Ever Lasting LOVE)


For the second release of the label, Ever Lasting Love brings back Soha aka dj Gregory and Julien Jabre with two tracks from the late 90s: Balance and Original, previously released on Parisian label Basic Recordings. Parc Naturel is an unreleased one, which remained a demo since 96 when the duo were calling themselves Fantom.. Soha seems to show a come back for 2015, look out!

Linkwood – Expressions (Firecracker)


Linkwood brings us 12 tracks in total. This is a combination of house, dub, techno and ambient. A nice collaboration of different sounds. Very cool!

Terence :Terry: – Acid Heroes (La Vie En Rose France)


French record label La Vie En Rose comes with a new one. Terence :Terry: has some pumping kicks in this EP. Amazing.

Djebali – Reda Dare (Djebali)


The 3rd edition of Djebali has arrived, and it features a number of new and forward-thinking artists. A 3-track package full to the brim with grooves by Reda Dare, the Frenchman living in London, and remixed by House of Warez (Hanfry Martinez + Justin Harris)