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These bits do the business. All out in the past fortnight unless stated otherwise.


Mandar – Peace Force (Lazare Hoche)

lazare hoce

Brace yourself! Mandar is back on Lazare Hoche Recording and this time with two brand new full-sided cuts soaked in epicness! Meoko is a big fan of this label and its releases. This record will again be one to look out for. We cannot wait untill the presale starts on the 26th of January.

Cleymoore – Seikou (feat. Thomas Melchior remix) (Xquisite recordings)


Portuguese vinyl-only imprint Xquisite Recordings is finally back. This time around, Xquisite places its bets on one of Portugal’s freshest talents, Cleymoore, along with a remix from worldwide known alchemist of micro-grooves, Thomas Melchior. The original track “Seikou” is one of Cleymoore’s typical hypno-expanssive tracks, with twists and turns, multiple layering acts of swinging moods, and intricate but stripped-down syncopated rhytms. Perlon’s master of minimalism undresses the original work even further, enhancing its dancefloor appeal with the bare bones of the original, placing focus in rhythmic constructions while maintaining the highly hypnotic nature of the original version, and a very personal twist with a added vocal.. like extra seasoning to a already tasty dish. The cover is fully illustrated with a photograph of old Lisbon, making this a very intimate and proudly nationalistic release for the imprint. Design by Diogo Lacerda. Limited Pressing.

Point G – #6 (Point G)


Point G is back for a new release that features 8 new tracks for a triple pack limited vinyl only. The never disappointing Point G created some fine deep house tracks for this release. The majority of the eight records are very nice! 

Thomas Wood – The Gold In You (TW Limited)

thomas wood

This amazing record contains two nice dubby house tracks. When this article goes online, it already could be sold out. Sadly enough there are only 200 copies available. But this one is definitely worth mentioning!


 Brawther – VXVXVX (Balance Music)


Chez Damier’s Golden Child is back with 3 brand new slamming tracks straight out of the deep depths of dance music. This special limited edition release shelters some of Brawther’s most innovative and forward thinking music, yet retaining that timeless and classic touch that the Frenchman is known for. While the A side’s “Come Inside” draws you into its realm and pounds you harder and deeper, the B-side’s “VXVXVX” versions take you on a rotating journey inside Brawther’s mind. There will be no repress of this collector’s edition so snap it while you can or cry like a baby! Coloured vinyl coming out the 12th of January, the Black one on the 19th of January.