hot wax


These bits do the business. All out in the past fortnight unless stated otherwise.







domenico rosa hotwax


Vinyl only. 180 gram.
Domenico returns on his label with three deep tracks!




Egal 3 / KiRiK – CHT001


egal 3 htwax


Fantastic and hypnotic! Chelsea Hotel is a vinyl only label and the first ep comes with two great tracks of Egal 3 aka Sorin from Romania and Kirik from Ukraina. The cover design was made by the italian artist & designer Daniele Troiani and all releases have a small story around the cover made for showcases and exhibitions. Enjoy this amazing 180 gramm vinyl with full cover print and shrink wrapped sleeve.





Luc Ringeisen – Trig Mode


luc hot wax


Luc Ringeisen triggering voltage controlled emotions on 180 gr. only on his own Vinyl Club imprint. Luc gathered 4 tracks he has been heavily tweaking and testing during the summer 2014 in his favorite Berlin spots. A Must Have showing different facets of the french producer.





Baby Ford – Mystery Falls



baby ford hotwax


In classic Baby Ford style the A-side opens with “Mystery Falls” a deep melodic housey workout with shuffling percussion and sublime top line strings.
Meanwhile on the B-side, shaker hustlin’ “Spooked” conjures up a more stripped down moody grooving chordal affair.
Both tracks cut at 45rpm for maximum quality and effect on the floor.