Nicky Macha and Kensa, the duo behind outransa, are two Italians who have been making waves in the London underground scene for years, blending new and old sounds which encompass a multiplicity of genres.

This pair feeds off of each other’s musical knowledge and skill, and their charismatic personalities just add to the fun. outransa has been turning heads for a while now providing an outstanding music selection, a loyal crowd, an extraordinary atmosphere, and meticulous attention to detail. Whether it’s at their outransa party in East London’s notorious boozer “The Lion and Lamb”, or crazy (after) parties all over Europe, they’ve pushed their musical adventure to new heights and risen the rankings by remaining faithful to their own sound.

We’re thrilled to bring you an in-depth interview with the duo about their project, their influences, and what the future holds for artists with such tenacity and passion.


1. Ciao, Lorenzo and Nicky, thank you for taking the time to speak with us. As you know, I am a big fan of outransa, and you two are such a lovely duo; every time I see you, you bring nothing but joy and positive energy to places… You two appear to be inseparable – how long have you known one other and has your friendship always been this close? Could you please tell us how you two met and who your early influences were?

outransa: Hi Monika, thanks for your kind words and thanks for having us, it is always a pleasure to be with you. We met nearly 18 years ago, our hometowns in Italy are very close to each other, like 10 minutes away by car and we met through music when we started attending and later on organizing school parties. Once we turned 16 years old, we started to attend real nightclubs and we would travel all around Italy by train but our “Mecca” has always been Cocorico. That place changed our lives and made us understand what we wanted to pursue. So, the first influence surely comes from there.


2. How was the ‘outransa’ idea born? What was the project’s origin, and how did the name ‘outransa’ come about?

outransa: The idea was born from the need of having our own world where we could channel all our inspirations, ideas and moods. It was a very slow and unrushed process which took years of experiences, music and events but we are proud of what we have created and it has now become a way of life in full effect.
The word outransa derives from the Italian word “oltranza” which means: “to continue doing something until it is finished, no matter what.” This thought of going beyond has always been very attractive to us. It fully represents our personas.


3. When you play together, you have a distinct sound that I can readily identify as outransa. Is there anything in particular that you stick to because you know it works every time you play music?

outransa: It is beautiful for us to hear you saying you can identify us with a distinct sound. The most important thing we stick to is the deep knowledge we have of each other both musically and emotionally. We have a profound respect for each other taste and records and this is what we base our whole concept of a B2B between us. If it works or not we leave it to the crowd to say. We do our best to enjoy every second of it and to communicate our moods.


4. Is there an artist who has had a particularly strong musical or professional influence on you?

Lorenzo: I could mention a few names that with their selection, technique and charisma I could define as pioneers of the electronic music world but if I will have to choose one, I will surely mention Theo Parrish. He totally changed the djing vision I had in my mind. I’m not just talking about the sort of music he plays but also the approach he has to it, to the mixer and to the crowd. After being at various events where he was the headliner, I realized how easy it was for him to mix music, jumping from one genre to another, leaving the audience speechless. The real source of inspiration though, comes from our friends. The people I share music with or those whom I spend my time with. They are the ones who really gets me inspired. We have connections with some of the most talented people out there that with their platforms are showcasing what is their music belief, pushing boundaries and bringing their own vision to the whole scene. I believe it’s all about that.

Nicky: If you are surrounded by talented people, you will surely be inspired by their greatness. It is like a magnet; all the positive energy and great ideas will attract you into a beautiful spiral.

5. I know you guys are vinyl aficionados. I am curious about your feelings on the future of the music industry, especially in relation to digital streaming services.

outransa: There is plenty of music out there which isn’t released on wax that still deserves to be played and listened to. For us being vinyl aficionados doesn’t mean that we must only play vinyl. If there is a track that we love very much and it is in a digital format, why not playing it out? One thing as to be said though, we are totally against the pirate streaming world. It is very unfair to see years of work and sweat being wrongly spread on the web with thousands of people feeding this monster. We strongly believe that artists and producers MUST receive a compensation for their work. We know that most of the people are driven by passion and love for the music so money isn’t their priority, but at the same time it gives artists the support they deserve for all the hours they have spent producing music.


6. In order for things to work, it is vital to maintain a certain amount of respect for the other’s input. That, I believe, comes with being amazing friends and colleagues. What approach do you use to collaborate, and are you constantly on the same page about what’s going on and in terms of your outransa chonicles on SoundCloud? What criteria do you use to select the artists featured in the series?

outransa: The fact that we have known each other for a lifetime has played a huge role into the approach we use when it comes to play together or putting new ideas on the table when we talk about outransa. There are times when maybe we aren’t on the same page but we find this to be an advantage as we can often have more perspectives about certain things. We also try to leave our ego behind giving space to each other’s opinion and trying to reach the best choice for outransa. Talking about outransa chronicles, our criteria is very organic. We always try to find uniqueness. Being musical uniqueness or human uniqueness, music is the mirror of a DJ’s soul so most of the time those two things go together. All the artists we have worked with for our mixes and our events are beautiful humans that surely deserve to be heard all around the world.


7. Your outransa parties are traditionally hosted at East London’s iconic boozer The Lion and Lamb. Could you tell us why you chose the pub as the location for your parties and what makes it so special?

outransa: The Lion & Lamb has seen our birth and we will forever be grateful to the staff behind it for giving us the chance to express ourselves in the best possible way. The “Pub” has everything we want when we run a party. A great DJ booth which, as we like, is very close to the ravers, a perfect Soundsystem and a very intimate atmosphere, plus it is in the hearth of Hoxton which has always been a very vibrant part of London.


8.What has been your most memorable party to date…?

outransa: We would say that every one of them has given us a lot of emotions and a lot of things to learn so far and we hope it will keep going this way.


9. So far, your parties have been going well in East London for quite some time. What, in your opinion, makes a good party? What elements must be present in order for the superb vibe to be achieved and what you believe to be the game’s essential ingredients?

outransa: The first essential ingredient is a well-behaved crowd. As long as everyone is respectful and mindful the “super vibe” you mentioned is very easy to be achieved. We will forever be thankful to our small community that have supported us through the years as they have made a huge difference in each of the party we have thrown.

10. What events do you have planned for the near future?

outransa: We will celebrate our third anniversary on Sunday 19th of December at StarLane in London, one of the best clubs in the capital right now. We are also working hard on our 2022 schedule and there will be some news that we are going to share very soon.


11. So, the final question for today. London is regarded to be one of Europe’s most popular electronic music destinations. How would you compare and contrast Italy and London in terms of electronic music perspectives and approaches? Is there a substantial difference between the two?

outransa: The substantial difference is in the enthusiasm around the electronic music world. Despite both governments trying hard to shut night clubs and doing everything they can to ruin our environment, London has always kept the energy it is known for. Italy on the other hand went through a very tough decade. Some of the most popular clubs closed their doors forever and the government has never taken a position to protect or stimulate the scene. Lately though there have been some collectives that are giving their all to bring back the magic once again and we would like to give them a big shout out hoping that they will succeed with their future projects.

Thanks again for having us Monika and Meoko, lots of love xx


Words by Monika Zander


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