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Next weekend, the DISCOBAR gang will be out in full force to celebrate their first birthday at the Hoxton Basement. Brothers Alex & Digby, Sammy Dee and Yakine will all contribute to make a super tasty lineup alongside head honchos Lamache and Guillaume Tailleu

A&D themselves have kindly chipped in with an amazing mix ahead of their appearance next weekend, which features some quite incredible productions and a banquet of  unbelievable samples… check it!



In the meantime, I sat down with the main man, Lamache, to find out a bit more about how things were going so far in the world of DISCOBAR… 

Hey Lamache, so first things first, what does the name DISCOBAR really mean?

DISCOBAR was something we came up with after a gig me and Guillaume (Tailleu) played in Belgium, many years ago. Over there, DISCOBAR means DJ booth… We found it funny and kept it as an expression for different things… It kind of stuck so it was logical to name the label after it. Its easy to remember, has an international pronunciation and is a timeless word for us!


Cool, so how did the label came about then?

I have always had this feeling deep in myself to do something label-wise; to build a family by sharing the music I love with other people. I remember the day when Guillaume and I were sitting in my living room and I told him I wanted to start something, and he did as well. At the time there was a lot of good music coming our way from some close friends, so it was the right moment for us to start something. At first we had ODD SOUL, and a remix from our friend THE MOLE. We were really happy about this collaboration for the first release, it received a lot of support and we had the very first DISCOBAR party at the Rex Club in Paris… it was an honour to do it there.

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…So it was a natural progression?

Yeah, its funny because Guillaume and I never planned to do a party. It is a job in itself and you need some proper skills to do a good one! We don’t do a party just for a party, but more to launch our releases. After the Rex we decided to do something at the Hoxton Basement for ODD SOUL and THE MOLE, then we came back again a few months later to celebrate our second release with TOBA and ARK (both live performances). Both parties were successful and we were really happy with the response from our friends and the crowd. There was a beautiful mix of people and everyone was really happy on the dance floor!


What is it that you really like about Hoxton Basement?

I started my London career in that basement with my family Toi Toi Musik and there are some really important memories for me in there. For our parties it’s a good location for people to join us and its nice and cosy inside. Another big plus is that we can work with the sound as much as we want in there with our dear sound engineer. The sound is one of the key elements to our party; there is no good party without a decent sound system for the DJ and the crowd.

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Nice! So lets talk a little bit about your 1st birthday…

On October 9th, it will be a year since DISCOBAR started publicly. On the line up is our very close friend Yakine, who is kind of involved in the label now with all the new graphic design, and also Sammy Dee, who is an artist we respect a lot for his career. We also have invited our other friends Alex and Digby, who have been working really hard over the last few years. They are top DJs and producers. Their label, Flash As A Rat, speaks for itself and their style is really unique. We are really looking forward to celebrating our 1st anniversary with all of our friends in London, and this is special for Guillaume and I, as this project is something we have been working really hard on!


Great stuff Lamache, Okay so lastly before we go, is there anything exciting you can spill about future releases for DISCOBAR?

We are adding some new friends to the family, and the next release (3rd) will be announced very soon with an EP produced by the young talents, Zendid. You will definitely hear about them soon if you have not already, The following release will be produced by another duo, but i cannot say too much for now! Let’s keep it there for now, but what I can definitely say is that its going to be a very strong 2nd year for DISCOBAR!


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