Inti Festival, now in its fourth year, is a unique one-day event situated on the stunning beaches of Peru’s capital city, Lima on Saturday 16th February. Striving to combine the cultural, ecological and musical, Inti Fest educates its attendees on global issues alongside showcasing the finest electronic music from the underground. In the past they have hosted key players in electronic dance music, such as Soul Clap, Heidi, and Steve Bug, alongside fresh, emerging talent from both the local and international scene. The lineup for 2013 is guaranteed to fulfill their “Dance for the Planet” ethos, with house and techno wizards such as Josh Wink, Clive Henry, Lee Burridge, Droog, Adultnapper (aka Francis Harris), Geddes, and resident performer/supporter Jay Haze.


Short film of Jay Haze talking about the Festival ethos.

Perhaps most fascinating about Inti Festival is its desire to provide a stimulating insight into Peruvian culture and to encourage the appreciation of mother nature through conservation projects and EcoArt, which calls artists and collectives to develop proposals to recycle plastic collected throughout the year in a project called ‘I Collaborate’. Additionally, the festival plays host to the 3R Market showcasing local, affordable and environmental products that must be at least 80% recycled, as well as providing a platform for local indigenous communities to share their collective beliefs and experiences of living in the local area. This year’s theme is ‘Water’, and Inti will be exploring it through engaging with the ancient Nazca culture, which flourished on the coastal plain of Southern Peru and is infamous for the Nazca lines, a set of geometrical designs that depict animals and human figures, some of which are a few hundred metres wide and only viewable by air.

With the focus on natural elements, on local culture and movement, this is no doubt going to be a truly extraordinary festival providing a wild and coporeally uninhibited experience. If you are in Peru, we strongly suggest you make a trip for it!

Date: Sat 16th Feb, 2013

Time: 1pm – 6am

Location: Playa Asia – “The Rosary” Km 103 Panamericana Sur

Price: From 75 – 115 Peru Sol / £18 – 28(until 18th Jan) Max price 250 Sol / £61