In these dire times of human disconnection, we need now, more than ever a unified solution to help save our scene and bring music to the people whenever they want, wherever they are.

As the first subscription and VOD based platform dedicated to live-streaming, has been working hard behind the scenes to keep us connected to our beloved club environment. Now they’re ready to launch. Embracing high-performance technology, Clubify has come to the rescue of poor quality live-streams with their 4K adaptive bitrate technology. Supporting quality performance even in low internet bandwidth, Clubify offers discerning clubbers an all-in-one live stream solution – providing a technically sound outlet for labels, artists, fans and clubs alike.




The ‘Netflix’ for live content, Clubify is a dream-come-true for many music lovers and stream aficionados, enabling artists to stay in touch with their audience in a direct and personalised manner. MEOKO is proud to support the new platform which promises to redirect the subscription fee back to the contributor in order to help save our scene. Subscribers get a professional service and contributors get paid – as professionals. Fair pay, fair play. Bringing many aspects of the industry together through an ethos built on collaboration, their high-quality content and channels for DJs, promoters, clubs, and festivals will not leave much unanswered. MEOKO is excited to introduce them to an industry which is trying to overcome the COVID-19 pandemic threat in a future-forward, creative manner.


In The Studio With Clubify lauched during Corona, which has hit our scene super hard, with a well-curated event live-streamed in collaboration with Egg London. Almost every single artist and club out there is reaching out to their fans via stream right now, resorting to donations as the last-straw to save their livelihoods. Live streams are everywhere. But until now, the more we streamed, the less we earned.


Traditional platforms might offer exposure, but they don’t compensate the artist. They’re often disorganised, hard to find and archive, the artists don’t get paid (“donate here!” they cry but artists aren’t a charity, donations don’t pay the rent) and many sets are cut short because of copyright issues.


Can’t Stream My Love


During the Pandemia, the struggle to save our scene has led to bouts of solidarity between artists, clubs and labels. For some, streaming is saturation, for others, it’s a call to innovate. Stages and empty venues become a blank canvas where anything can happen now. Creative boundaries are meant to be pushed. We see music through our eyes these days – Clubify is a great tool for this, it’s a video platform for music; providing artists with extended possibilities for creative collaboration between visual and audio. The opportunity to think big is there. It’s time to stream out of the box. Even before Covid-19, streaming was dubbed the fastest-growing segment of music consumption. Listeners have consistently increased their consumption and the inclusion of AI and VR powered tools are shifting the experience in new directions that weren’t possible before.  


Clubify brings a new dimension to the show. It is not only a powerful tool for promoting live events, it is a fully-fledged business model to connect fans to artists and create something that’s both innovative and sustainable. Once an artist, label or club has their own channel, they’ll be able to promote their events, draw a crowd, connect to other artists and sell their own custom merch and vinyl through the Clubify boutique. Unlike Mixcloud and lots of other services (who charge artists a fee to stream), contributors can activate their own channel for free and get paid for the use of their content. Copyright issues are also being resolved through their licencing partners’ ICE and PRS, so a lot of legal obstacles are being taken care of. This is a professional platform, so the content will be selective: the criteria for opening an artist, club or label channel are a sound standing in the scene, (a strong fan-base and RA page for example). No more trawling through home videos on Periscope…




Love it or hate it, streaming is here to stay. Let’s see what Clubify have to say: 


  • Who are you, who is involved?

Clubify is driven by a passionate team of internationals based in London and Berlin. We are all excited about the potential for the project and think Clubify’s going to be a game-changer for the industry.


  • What is the motivation behind your initiative?

To bring the industry together – to give clubs and artists a dedicated platform to promote their music and to give the public a new, streamlined way to enjoy the music they love. Clubify is the first centralised platform dedicated to promoting live-stream events. We want to make it easier for people to access live music, wherever they are.




  • Did you have the idea before or after Corona?

It actually started just before Corona. I know lots of people in the industry, and whilst it’s exciting, it’s tough. Nightlife’s changing and nightclubs are expensive to rent and run. Especially in central London. Lots of historic venues are having to close. And when they close down we lose a part of the history that goes with them. We wanted to work out how to change that. How to make a new model that’s sustainable for everyone.


  • Do you think your launch right now is clever, is it perfect timing?

So the idea started before Corona – thinking about how we might be able to adapt the industry to the times, and then Corona came along and everything shut down. We knew we had to do something quickly. The government’s not especially known for its support of the club industry, so if we want to make a difference. Change has to happen from elsewhere.

I think Corona really helped illustrate the power of the collective spirit – in so many ways. People singing from their rooftops in Italy, musicians and DJs making and sharing music from their homes. The number of live-streams multiplied by a million during this time and it was obvious it was something people enjoyed. But there are so many different platforms – from Facebook to twitch to Instagram – it’s almost impossible to track. Live streams are exactly that – these incredible trickles of performances, scattered all over the place. We wanted to make it easier for everyone to see what’s going on. So yeah, it’s necessary and timely. I’m not sure there’s ever such a thing as perfect ‘timing’ – but time is of the essence and it’s definitely time to change.

We are seeing people donate to support their favourite artists and venues, but a donation-based system is not sustainable in the long term. Clubify is allowing a user to support the whole ecosystem of the scene with a monthly subscription which is lower than a London club entry ticket, with the goal of helping the whole electronic music industry to develop a sustainable model during this time and for the future. Moreover from a product perspective, Clubify will be always providing very high-quality content both in terms of video and audio on a high performing, usable platform – this is completely different than FB for example, and furthermore, it will not have the same copyright issues that the other platforms are currently facing.


  • Do you think this crisis will have an effect on people’s habits of music consumption?

People need music. It brings us together. I think lots of people have been turning to music during lockdown to help them through – music’s a mood changer (!) Whether it’s putting a record on or tuning in to the radio / watching a live concert… I think people have more time to listen to and enjoy music at the moment. So we need music more now than ever (!) but maybe live events will change after the crisis – we don’t know if we’ll ever see huge crowds like we’re used to seeing at Glastonbury ever again. Maybe mass gatherings will be a thing of the past once this is all over… we need to think about what the future might look like and how that’ll impact the industry.




  • Let’s get back to Clubify, what is the incentive for labels and artists to participate? How does the business model work?

We centralise and promote live events. We make it easier for subscribers to discover and enjoy live music. And we give artists and labels a risk free platform to host their live-event.

One of the tricky things with live-streams is it’s hard for an artist to earn money from their set. By bringing everyone together we can simplify the model. We pay you a fair share of the subscription fee and we make sure you’re reimbursed for your music copyright. It takes the stress out of it or the artist. We take care of the logistics so the creatives can focus on being creative.

Having a centralised space is great for labels as they can promote their artists through their own channel. And fans can discover something new.


  • How do you think this can work right now, at a moment where absolutely every club streams for free and donation-based?

Clubs are streaming for free and for donations as they need to keep alive. But it’s not a sustainable business model. You can’t rely on donations forever. And I think we all know nothing comes for free… it’s time to respect the makers and pay them fairly for their talents. Artists are used to getting ripped off – because they do it for the love – but it’s time we stopped that. Makers need to make money too. We need to plan ahead to think about how we can create a model to sustain the industry not just now but in the future.


  • What do you think about their “business model” to help the scene as they have a transparent system about the donations they receive and redistribute the money equally. In moments of crisis, the ego-based scene does get less relevance whereas solidarity-based models seem to work well. Where do you see the future of both models?

So solidarity is absolutely key – we need each other. The industry’s full of big names, but it’s surprising how few of these names actually collaborate or work together.

The Clubify platform’s great as it gives everyone their space to shine – clubs can host their own branded channel, artists can promote their new material etc. It’s their name, their image, their sound… their content. On Clubify everyone has space through their own channel, but it’s a space that’s also shared. As there are hundreds of channels to choose from… it’s just a way of bringing content together and organising it. Together but apart. Haha. Like corona. We bring everyone together to a single platform. And then give them their space to grow. Centralise the content, decentralise the power…


  • Where do you see the future of dance music?

The future’s bright. There are so many exciting possibilities out there – technologically. I think we’re going to start seeing VR and AI integrated into the user experience – with 3/4/5D visual mapping, 8D sound technology…. dance music’s always been about bringing people together. Maybe Clubify is the future of that. We can connect artists to a global dance floor. Collaboration is the key. When we all work together anything’s possible. Time to make it happen.


→ Please click HERE or follow the link in order to join Clubify and get on board for a 2-weeks trial subscription:




Words by Kat Richter