The latest exciting artistic and creative space to hit South Africa’s Cape Town is It’s a House.   Officially just opening, it has been pretty difficult to unearth any information on this mysterious new venture, so it’s probably best we leave it to the people in charge to tell us in their own words about the project: “It’s a House is a ‘bespoke lifestyle” , a creative concept geared toward creating an environment where people can embody and express their inner creative.” Wow, that sounds enriching.  From what we can gather, it is going to be a space used for creative purposes – from cinema screenings and exhibitions to just being somewhere where you can sit down, have a drink and surf the web.

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Ah, and we should mention that they will also be hosting club nights, starting off with a very special inaugural celebration next Saturday 8th December. Presenting A Nomadiq Rooftop Experience,  It’s a House will be decked out in all manner of hedonistic colour, with a soundtrack sourced straight from the finest dance-floors of the European house scene.  Oslo Records boss Nekes will be bringing his unique, celebrated blend of deep house to Cape Town, alongside DJ Shane Watcha of Zombie Soundsystem fame, who actually started his DJing career not too far away in the small clubs of Durban, SA. There’s a certain air of enigma hanging over this rooftop party; best you get yourselves down there and find out what all the fuss is about.

Even better, you could be going for free. MEOKO have very kindly been offered a pair of tickets to next Saturday’s event. To be in with a chance of winning, all you have to is tell us:

Oslo is the capital of which Scandinavian country?

a) Norway
b) Japan
c) South Africa

Send your answers to

Doors open at 1pm on Saturday 8th December. Tickets are available online now for R70-100.

Full line-up/

Nekes [Oslo Records] Shane Watcha [Zombie Soundsystem]

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