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Jack Wickham is one of the hottest talents on the British music scene right now. Having worked with notorious labels such as FUSE, Nordik Net, One Records, and Drumma, it’s hard to believe this prolific mastermind is only 23 years old. The Leeds-born DJ has worked his way through the underground scene to achieve a growing success and racking up an impressive backlog of venues such as Watergate (Berlin), Fabric (London) and Output (New York). As a MEOKO exclusive, Jack sits down to tell us a little bit more about himself and gifts the MEOKO audience with two incredible tracks.

Where did it all start? How did you know you wanted to become a DJ? 

It started with some older friends from where I grew up, they were the first people who introduced me into proper electronic music & DJ’ing. This was when I was around 14 years old I think and was just starting to get excited about the music scene. Then when I was old enough (still underage but looked old enough) I used to go with them to Back to Basics in Leeds where I had some of my best nights, hearing some unbelievable music (which mainly came from the residents) and meeting some great people who I actually now work with and became very close friends. I was lucky to get such good guidance early on and it carries through right up until the present.  

Who are your biggest influences?

From the Back to Basics parties, I met Adam Shelton and Subb-an, who’ve become like my big brothers. They fully took me under their wing and have had such an impact on how I’ve approached my music and they put a lot of faith into me right from when I first started sending them music. I owe them massively and it’s great to see the One Records crew doing so well recently, individually as well as collectively. 2017 is looking bright as always for the label and very pleased to be involved in this. 

Obviously I have major influences from RPR (aka RareshPetre Inspirescu & Rhadoo), Zip, Ricardo. Every time I see them play, I’m just full of ideas for the studio. I like to pick from different aspects of music rather than stick to one style and seeing these guys play really helps me get creative. 

And one more thing, SIT and Fabe. The music they make is so unique. They have stamped their own sound within the scene and that’s something I’ve always admired and have strived to do myself. 

If you could do a back-to-back set with anyone, who would it be? 

There’s a handful I could pick from here. But I’m going to go with Rhadoo. I love to watch him mix records and much as I love listening to them. His technique is effortless and his mixing is so sharp. There is the saying about the most important part of a b2b, “Knowing that the other DJ is in complete control gives you the confidence to push yourself even further.” 

Also my good friend from Leeds, Ethan McNamara. We can play records together for days on end. I always say he’s a younger version of Craig Richards and many can agree! 

You’ve played all over the place, from Watergate to Fabric, what’s the best experience so far?

Yeah I’ve been spoilt really with the clubs I’ve had chance to play at. But for me, it’s when I played for ReSolute at Output on the rooftop in New York with Dyed Soundorom. It was my first time in America, so I wasn’t sure what to expect musically & from the city of New York. I was given 4 hours to play in the Panther Room when the rooftop had closed. So I had a full club to see me play. The Panther Room sound system is super warm, so I just felt such freedom to enjoy it. It’s been one of my best experiences to date. The view from the rooftop of the Manhattan skyline is crazy good too. Love that club!

What’s your dream venue?

100% Robert Johnson. I don’t think I need to explain why on this one either.

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Robert Johnson, Frankfurt

Do you think British Music has it’s own sound, and why?

Absolutely. You don’t have to look much further than the FUSE Crew to find a group of artists that have really forged out their own sound in a crowded market. The UK (and London especially) has always had that DIY attitude towards music, and with it being such a fertile place for inspiration, it produces some amazing records. I still play so many of the old school UK tech-house sounds from people like Terry Francis, Eddie Richards, Omni AM and loads of others. It’s really timeless, UK club music that works on the dance floor, and it hasn’t dated at all.


What are your current projects, and what do we have to look forward to?

I’ve been very busy the past 6 months, really got my head down with things. Finished a lot of music for some great labels. I’ve got music coming for FUSE, All Inn Records, State of Flow, Medeia and Seb Zito’s new label 7DB. As well as other labels for remixes and VA’s. I’m thankful my music is getting such great support from my friends & other artists. It gives me so much confidence to make even more music. I’m rarely out of the studio at the minute. Full on hermit. 

I’ve recently joined Next AM. I was like a kid at Christmas when that came through, always been such a huge fan of their involvement Next Wave parties etc. So to be working with these guys now means a lot to me. I’ll be working a lot more with the artists on the agency and playing with the crew more regular too. A lot of great gigs coming up. Really excited for the New Year!

You’re still very young, and there’s a lot of opportunity out there, what are your hopes for the future? 

I hope I’m still able to be doing what I’m doing now. I want to keep progressing as much as possible with my music, the studio, DJ’ing etc, which is all heading in the right direction. I’m very interested at the thought of a possible live set at some point too (maybe). Hopefully will get to play at Robert Johnson in the near future referring back to the question above! I’m a modest person so I don’t like to get carried away with hopes and dreams but if you put the work in, things will happen.

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Credit: Jonny Wilson (JW Photography)

So, tell us a little bit about the tracks you have here for us…

These two tracks were made mid summer when I changed my studio around. Since the change up I’ve made a lot of music and barely left my new room. My latest EP that I’ve just finished was with the guys at All Inn Records, which I’m really happy about. So instead of one track, I’ve decided to give two away. Both of which have had heavy rotation from the likes of RPR Soundsystem and more.

Listen to Jack’s excusive tracks here: 


Words: Georgia Evans 



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