After huge releases and outstanding supports from the likes of Enzo Siragusa, Archie Hamilton, Chris Stussy and Janeret, it’s practically impossible not to know the Italian duo of Jamahr. Having EPs on Yaya’s “Tamango Records”, Rich NxT’s “What NxT”, Mulen Records, and Politic Of Dancing to name a few, Mario and Jacopo have made a name from themselves during the last years, always providing energetic melodic dancefloor cuts. We sat down with them after their big performance at the last Tamango Records showcase alongside Yaya and Alex Ground @ After Caposile (Italy).

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  • Let’s start the interview with a proper Italian question: pizza or pasta?

M: Pasta

J: Pasta


  • As every duo, I’m sure that you guys are more DJ-side or producer-side… tell us more about this. 

M: Jacopo is so powerful in the studio, he is way more careful on the little details than me. He’s also very skilled speaking of technical stuff (even if sometimes he makes me go mad because he thinks too much). I think that when we are behind the decks I’m 100% focused on the track selection and I always try to find the right track for the moment                                                       

J: I think that I’m better in the studio, I can really focus on the production side even if I’m alone, I don’t know what Jacopo said but I’m a true maniac. 



  • Remaining on the producer-side who works better on the groove and who on the melodic parts?

M: I’m responsible for many of Jamahr’s melodies… I really like to make huge trips in my mind, finding the right melody, sometimes I get it, sometimes I don’t.

J: We both have a lot of ideas when we catch up in the studio, but Mario is the melodic wizard for sure!


  • What’s the key-element on your productions?

M: Definitely the melodic part, which is our main goal in the last couple of years.

J: Some melodic stuff for sure. We really enjoy something “extra” above the standard 4/4 groove.



  • What would have happened if you have not had met 9 years ago?

M: I don’t have a crystal ball, so it’s hard to say. It’s good that has been gone that way!

J: Who knows… better not think about it.


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  • When you guys met each other did you get along since the first time?

M: Yes, we met in a club (as often happens to the deejays). It’s a very spontaneous friendship.

J: Yes! We know each other for a long time but we’ve always got along on almost everything!


  • Who did decide the name of your alias?

M: We had the same idea almost at the same time!
J: It was very easy to pick this alias. Still, nowadays, people ask us what “Jamahr” means… well, it’s simply the fusion of our names: Jacopo + Mario = Jamahr!


  • How do you see each other in 10 years?

       M: I will definitely have white hair!

J: In the studio!



  • Who is the sexiest?

M: If you see us in the dark we are both pretty good! 

J: Mario… no doubts about it!


  • Sunset or sunrise?

M: Sunrise

J: Sunrise


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  • Best warm-up track?

M: Andy Kolwes – Sometimes

J: Ricardo Villalobos – Widodo


  • Best closing track?

M: Rodney Bakerr & Kenny K Collins – Beat My House

J: Beanfield feat. Bajka – Tides (Ripperton Mix)


  • Which is the record you love the most?

M: Petter – Petter Some Polyphony. It’s the first one I’ve ever bought back in the days.

J: The Doors’ album “Strange Days”



  • Do you guys have any secret wish?

M: Cadenza!

J: Cadenza (I’m pretty sure that Mario said the same)


  • What’s the most inspiring DJ-duo?

M: Livio & Roby with no doubts. They have quite a long career and they’ve always shown style and elegance in every production, always looking at new influences but without losing their trademark imprint.

J: Livio & Roby. They’re such amazing producers and a big source of inspiration for us.


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  • Which is the best track on the podcast?

M: DJ Buck – Highlights

J: Jamahr – Kamigawa (out soon…)


  • We’re getting close to the end of this interview… any advice to the newcomers of this world?

M: We still have a long road ahead of us before giving any tip. First of all, I would say “humility” but this doesn’t mean to lower your heads. And then I would say to listen to a lot of music of any kind… there is a lot of good music that we even don’t know about.

J: We still have to improve a lot both as DJs and producer but I would say to listen to a lot of music is the best thing, and of course always believe in yourself!


  • What are your next steps?

J    M & J: We have three upcoming various artists: one for the 5 years birthday of French label by Politics of Dancing, one for Muzi Cartel (which is currently releasing a lot of quality music) and another one for (we can’t say atm). We’re very hyped for this also because we will “share” these compilations with a lot of friends. And lastly, we will announce very soon the born of our own label! It’s going to be called “CAPTEA” and we would like to thank Memoria Distribution for this great opportunity. Stay tuned for more info.


       Words by Francesco Quieti