”Jay tripwire was raised by wolves. He has a sleazy voice and shifty eyes. Jay is not someone you bring to your office Christmas Party, unless you plan on being fired”. We could simply stick to these words that Jay himself used on his Bandcamp profile, but it feels also right to describe an artist that, for over three decades has been able to deliver some real dancefloor heaters. The Canadian pioneer is indeed responsible for hundreds of deadly house, techno, minimal, electro, and deep records, some of which have become legendary like his Mr_Barcode alias, which is about to be re-visited with two interpretations by Ricardo Villalobos himself. We’re pleased to have him again on our channel with quite a long session, as Jay delivers almost 2 and half hours of straight deep flavor, starting with trippy minimal rhythms that gradually give way to more outer space techno and electro affair, for the ultimate Tripwire experience.