You&Me co-founder and rising star Josh Baker launches SYNTHO, a brand new exciting and innovative learning hub for aspiring music producers.




SYNTHO is an Electronic Music Hub offering insightful education about music production. Inside SYNTHO, you will gain exclusive access to comprehensive track breakdowns, live jam sessions, seeing how Josh works in his studio and detailed, bespoke tutorials on Ableton. In addition to this, Josh will guide you step by step on the journey it takes to become an established artist. You will become part of a like-minded creative community as Josh aim’s to help users connect the dots in their music and reach the next level.


  • Do you have an interest in expanding your Ableton knowledge? 
  • Do you feel that you need to find a fresh spark of creativity? 
  • Are you making music but can’t seem to take that jump to the next level? 
  • Are you struggling to get out of the loop and getting tracks arranged? 
  • Do you sit scratching your head at how artists are achieving certain sounds?


Josh will set out to iron out these questions and more by delivering exceptional content in a clear and detailed manner, covering all aspects of music production.





Each week will see Josh host a Q&A with the community discussing a wide range of topics including many that often get overlooked for example: building your social media, preparing for your studio session and more. Also, I will be welcoming feedback and allowing for content to be tailored to its users.


Join now by clicking here and get exclusive introductory member access and discount!


The special introductory offer is only available until 10 am Thursday 18th, and after that, there will be no places on SYNTHO until July.




Words by Dom Fletcher