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We spoke to the elusive Julian Perez off the refreshing all vinyl label Fathers and Sons Productions – Another sophisticated talent from Spain who has turned the heads of many in recent years. His cutting edge and elegant production is a fresh approach to house music with a clear knowledge of structuring 4/4 sounds with a rugged undertone. See what he has to say about recent movements in his career and music.




So Julian, you have a new release on Cocoon Recordings its a huge Accomplishment to be part of such a prestigious label, what else can we Expect production wise from you this year?

That Cocoon vinyl box compilation..  Indeed it’s an accomplishment to be in there with such established artists who released on the previews editions along these years. This is another personal goal i’m very happy about. Papa Sven’s Record label!

In September is coming a 12″ on Felipe Venega’s imprint “Drumma Records”. That’s probably the most experimental original track I ever decided to put out, I feel that now I can show that my point of view when I work in tracks very much depends of my mood and inspiration in the moment, and it’s pretty open in styles. The two versions of it by Mark Ambrose makes it a very interesting record and I hope that people like it too. I’m currently working on a few more tracks by myself and also on interesting collaborations, but no rush to release for the moment at all.


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To anyone unfamiliar with your productions or mixes how would you describe your sound?

I’d just describe it as my sound. It’s an extensive mix of influences I have from over the years and that made me build it. That’s why I do tracks from deep house to dub techno. In my mixes I can’t be focused in one particular style, the development of every set always goes in a different direction as  expected, always with a sound in common on the full journey.


You have been playing with the FUSE guys a lot this past year, how do you find the FUSE movement? And how did you first cross paths with those guys?

I met those guys back in 2011 when I played for a Cerca Trova  party, a well known warehouse rave in London. Daniel and Rossko who were the promoters and dj’s also that night, they brought me to Fuse on sunday straight from our after party..

It was a great and unexpected thing for me, a party going on sundays in London. A very deep and serious music in the early evening (at 93 east feet that time), a vibe I never saw before  in London with a proper sound and good looking people chillin’ and not getting too excited as a friday or saturday.. The only thing I didn’t like was when they shut it down at 12am, I wanted some more of that! From that time we were in touch, and now I’m proud to say that I’m one of the frequent names of the not too many guests they invite besides their residents.

FUSE is one of the parties I like to hang in, and I cannot say this about many others lately. These guys (Tony Canatella and  Enzo Siragusa), are able to do a party with their residents and  get the same good vibe and amount of crowd as when they invite guests.. They built it with a solid base and people love the quality concept of good sound system and proper music every  rave. That’s the FUSE concept, that´s a real movement.


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You have played some amazing venues around the world, highlight of this year? And are there any that you haven’t yet played that you would love to perform in?

This year the goal was to play at Robert Johnson, my idea of “a club”. The sound, the booth, the perfect size.. It was without a doubt the highlight of this year. If you ask, I’d like to play just to feel the history of them at least once in clubs such as Panorama Bar or Fabric London (Room1).





When not mixing yourself who would we find you listening to in your  spare time and when travelling in between bookings?

I like always to get early in the club before my set to listen to at least 1h of the warm-up of random deejay which is very surprising sometimes. Spending time in Club der Visionaere in Berlin or in Underground Ibiza, and listening to new people for me on extended sets, it’s  very enjoyable and makes your open your ears and mind with new  styles which makes you develop as an artist. When travelling I like mostly to enjoy the silence. I don’t have any music on my phone either, I need that moment to unplug  myself to the music before or after the gig. At home after the weekend, I listen to ambient techno records lately, it’s inspiring.


If we sat in the studio with you for a day what kind of equipment would we find you producing with?

You’ll find very easy to jam in my studio. If you like just to work fully analog you could sequence all with an akai MPC3000  and then jamming with a few drum machines as Jomox Xbase999, MFB  522, Tempest.. Shynths as Korg MS2000, Roland SH101 and more  stuff borrowed from my studio’s mate next door, Roland TR-909,  TB-303, TB-626, Avalon Compressor, Eventide H3000, a few guitar delays, and my Midas 24 channels. Besides all of this, Ableton Live, Logic and a bunch of VST’s!


Are there any avenues you would like to experiment with or explore that you haven’t as of yet?

I’m thinking about to work on a liveset, I will have to find the time to get it ready, it could be an interesting next step.


If you were not a producer/DJ would you still like to be involved in the music industry, if so in what role?

I don’t know if i’d be involved in the music industry if i wasn’t a dj/producer because i’m not a musician and I come from  another business world, also creative, but not linked with the  electronic music at all, advertising. I think i’ll be always involved now. With my label I like to discover and support talented people who work hard and need a  platform to express themselves, and this is something i could  still doing even besides djing/producing.


What do you see changing in electronic music in the next 10 years with regards to formats, mediums, styles etc?

The development of the technology is going crazy fast and non-stop growing. There will always be people who refuse to get updated, and others who will use the new technology to improve  even combining with the old gear. Of course Everything will come easier to make music which less investment in the future, the key  is to use what makes you feel better and  more productive when  you get the sound you’re looking for in your own style and get  satisfied with it.


If you were to play at a location that wasn’t a club, festival, or usual party location where it would it be and why?

There’s nowhere like home!


Catch Julian Perez play next in Liverpool on Saturday the 6th of September for the Modu:lar Party!




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