Liron van Daalen, as he is known to his parents and close aquaintances, is one of the most interesting DJs and producers the Amsterdam scene has brought forward in recent times. The Dutch DJ and live performer, producer, remixer and label owner who uses the moniker Kabale und Liebe, originally borrowed his name from German dramaturge Schiller´s play to disguise his true identity when submitting his productions to befriended artists, intruigues with surprising elements, such as deep and dark male voices, Spanish vocals, strange effects, and a strong focus on incorporating house elements of the first decade in his driving, abstract and reduced techhouse productions whilst sounding astonishingly contemporary and fresh. First showing up on the international radar with his clubhit “Mumbling Yeah” in 2007, Kabale und Liebe who started his DJ career at the age of twelve, has since set up the label Soweso with studio partner and fellow newschooler Lauhaus, successfully followed up by its sublabel We Dig Music, both heading into an exciting new 2013, with lots of interesting new signings and outings which will turn heads and move bodies.  MEOKO managed to catch Liron between international gigs to chat about a few interesting novelties. 


aimnat kabale-und-liebe


Hi Kabale, thanks for talking to us.  Now that it’s January, how do you reflect back on 2012? What lessons do you take into the new year?

2012 has been a moving year for me, mainly on a personal level.  I’ve had to deal with some struggles, but in the end I think I’ve learnt a lot and have come out stronger.  2013 the focus will be put more on my music again. I have a better peace of mind again and have rebuilt my studio at the end of 2012, so all is set to make 2013 a year full of musical focus.

What does 2013 hold for you and your musical pursuits? Are there any big plans or is it business as usual?

Yes there are some big plans!  In the pipeline is a release on Supplement Facts, a remix for Moon Harbour and Paco Osuna’s Mindshake Records.  Also I will continue working with Joris Voorn’s label rejected and this year I will definitely do 1 or more releases on my own label Soweso Records.

You’ve been producing a lot with Lauhaus recently.  Tell us about your relationship and how it translates onto the music making process.

Lauhaus and me have been friends for over 10 years and we’ve started the labels Soweso Records and We Dig. Music together.  Expect another collab from us this year, probably to be released on Soweso Records.  We work pretty smooth together as we both have a bit of a different approach, which in our case complements each other.

How do you spilt your time between ‘Soweso’ and your solo career? Will this balance shift at all in 2013?

We have at least 1 day per week, where we meet in our office and work hard on both of our labels.  We also have 2 employees that come in that day and help us with the promotion, planning and everything else that goes with running a label.  Besides that we try and check out as many demos as possible during the week.

 Exclusive 2 HR recording of Kabale und Liebe @ Studio 80 – Click to Listen


How do you and Lauhaus split the duties of running the label? Who listens to the promos and who makes the tea?

We both listen to demos, the A&R is done equally by both of us.  We both have to feel a track comepletely before we release it.  So you can say we have a double filter.  The tea is made by one of our interns, obviously 🙂


The focus of ‘Soweso’ has always been to provide a platform for the talent around you.  Are there any exciting new artists breaking through on the label in the coming year?

Of course! Just released on vinyl now, and soon out digitally is a release by Panos & Sentenza.  Two guys from the US, who I’ve met in Detroit in 2011.  They’re making really solid house tracks and are definitely guys to watch out for this year!  Besides that we have another big talent and great DJ from Amsterdam coming up on Soweso later this year called Efdé ……On We Dig. Music we have Bjorn Wolf & Youri Donatz who have made 1 of the biggest dancefloor bangers of 2012 featuring Mike Dunn called Iz Diz Houz?  A remix EP of this is coming out soon, featuring remixes of Butch, Sante and Coyu.

Your track ‘Hiphouse’ with Lauhaus really captured a style that has taken off over the past 12 months.  Were you aware of this movement when you made the track?

No, that is not the way we work.  And actually the track was already made in 2010 and layed on the shelves for over a year, before we sent it to rejected.  Clearing the rights of the vocal also took a very long time, so when it eventually came, in our minds it was already a bit old…  nevertheless I’m still happy with the result.  Oldschool hiphop has been a big influence and inspiration for me in my life and this legendary rap by Eric B & Rakim in particular.

What is it about the hip-hop/house fusion that has captured the imagination of so many recently?

I don’t know… that’s different for everybody I guess, as everybody experiences music in his own way…


How have you seen Dutch house music change since you became a part of the scene back in 2006/7? Is it a more open and easily accessible community today than it was then?

Yes definitely…  as music evolves, so do local scenes.  I also don’t think it’s very healthy to keep on doing the same thing… In the beginning it was kind of new and surprising to people, but eventually it loses it’s element of surprise and it becomes predictable.  Then it’s time to move on and evolve.  Lately I think other people and labels like Clone and Tom Trago have come into the spotlight of the Amsterdam scene.  I think this is a good thing. It allows the scene to be known as a more diverse scene and not particular for 1 kind of sound.

Over the years do you feel as if you’ve settled more into the production/label management groove as opposed to Djing or do you still enjoy the club environment as much as ever?

Not at all.  For me, producing and djing are two separate passions, which I’ve both been doing for a long time.  I couldn’t choose between any of the 2 and I still enjoy both as much (if not more) as ever.  They’re both a different way of expression.

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