Setting deep beginnings that evolve into subby, rolling grooves with touches of soul-esque electronic funk, kashawar develops into poly-percussive flavours. Touches of techno and jazz really develop this mix into a deeply eclectic contrast. A complete different style to what we are familiar with from Kashawar but a great blend of era’s and styles. This mix really highlights his knowledge of the evolution and contrasts within house and techno and is perhaps different from the intricate soundscapes we are used to from him, though exemplifies the fact that with Kashawar you should expect the unexpected; the minute you feel you know his style he would have already switched it.
P.S. Kashawar has side projects also it is not my place to reveal the alias’s but you will find them if your meant to 😉

The mix has been recorded live at Club der Visionaire, Berlin, Germany.

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