Eschewing the trends of the moment for a more musical, diverse sound, Kollektiv Turmstrasse have long been hailed for their masterful deep house creations. Juxtaposing melody and rhythm with sound and aesthetic in their productions and mixes, they’re known for a sound that’s ‘of the moment’ (rather than a throwback or homage to purveyors past). Nico & Christian deliver an exclusive mix for MEOKO that offers a taste of the unique & emotive sound that they play live. Meandering, bumping and flowing naturally, their exclusive mix gradually picks up pace from their 115bpm starting point, through a blend of tinkling percussive tracks, bouncing and introspective melodies and late-night, hazy deviances into the more thoughtful, less-immediate side of house music. Kollektiv Turmstrasse are here to keep your cockles warm in the cold Winter months, whilst tapping into the energy and integrity that lays dormant beneath. Immerse yourself inside.

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