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In 2005 Sonia Anderson and Liz Mendez combined their extensive nightlife experience and launched Kubicle, aiming to fill the gap in London’s clubbing scene with something entirely out of the ordinary.

After countless nights travelling the streets of London in search of the perfect venue, they stumbled upon Public Life – an old public toilet converted to a teeny tiny clubbing den – where they were to hold illegal after-parties for six months, amassing a dedicated following and kick-starting the party brand. Kubicle later branched out from its restroom roots, exploring other venues that fitted the party’s quirky vibe. From roof-top penthouses to aquariums, to strip clubs, to sandy beaches and S&M dungeons – no party was ever quite like the one before it.

public life

Nine years of brilliant events later and Kubicle have decided to give their concept a reboot. It’s hard to see why Kubicle needed a rebranding in the first place, but with the steady gentrification of London’s forgotten spaces, council intervention to shut down venues, and an inevitable crop of imitation parties, it became necessary for Team Kubicle to stay ahead of the game by innovation, coming up with new and outrageous ways of creating the unique party atmosphere that has earned them their loyal followers. In the words of the Kubicle girls Liz and Sonia,

“We feel that the scene has changed and we want to bring some love back to London. These series of events will be bringing Art installations and other interactive elements will be introduced to create a kaleidoscopic assault on the senses that makes the Kubicle experience the most exciting presence in current club culture.”

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The tenets of the new Kubicle will be attention to detail, a network of dedicated KubiKids delving into the dress up chest and an unexpected indulging of all the senses.

“The party will be about the whole experience, not just another rave in a warehouse. It will blow your mind, but we are not giving too much away. Each party will be heavily themed, we will encourage fancy dress and everything will have a mini festival feel to it.”

Kubicle know how to tap into that festival vibe better than most, with last year’s Glastonbury mag voting the Kubicle stage in Shangri La the best thing to do at the festival (Rolling whats?). And festival involvement will continue in 2014 with potential involvement in Glastonbury, Lovebox, Wilderness and Unknown on top of Berlin plans, Ibiza offers and of course a series of events in London.


The Launch party – dubbed One Night In Rio – will be Friday the 28th of February and feature Outcross Records’ Miguel Campbell, plus Matt Hughes, Remi Mazet, Toni D and T Boy. Colours will be flying, as the theme is Rio Carnival – and all are expected to get involved! In the words of Sonia and Liz,

“Everything we do at Kubicle has to be vibrant and you can’t get much more colourful then Rio!Expect Carnival Kubi Fun & good vibes all round.”

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