Kumquat returns to venue favourite, La Bellevilloise in Paris, France on November 26th bringing a line up so good, we couldn’t resist sharing. After 2 years away, Kumquat returns back to the club favourite for their residency that takes us through to Spring of 2022. Kicking off this momentous occasion is a party that sets the bar high for all their events to come. Kumquat never holds back with a promise of adventure and a passion for music which trickles throughout every moment of this party. Join the DJ on the dance floor for Kumquat’s first night of many at La Bellevilloise.

Raresh b2b Praslea are the heavyweights of the evening, returning under their moniker Praslesh. Individually hot commodity and combined they seamlessly meld for an impeccable symphony. The Romanian duo continues to make waves all throughout the underground music scene, and after joining forces many years ago, they continue to dominate the sound system each and every time. But before you get to the main course, Meti and Le chat will set the tone behind the decks, and warm up the crowd for the evening. 

Kumquat is run by the people that know music through and through. A project run by an electric crew of DJ’s that have been putting a selection of parties together over the last five years. From open air, clubs to festivals, they have done it all, and continue to take their events to new heights. This event follows their most recent one called Pampa project which was a roaring success. From July to September they temporarily took over a venue and threw over 30 different events all throughout the summer. Their connections run deep, and have hosted artists like Priku, Barac, Vlad Caia, and Enzo Siragusa in the past. We look forward to seeing what else is in store for this upcoming residency.

The spirit of Kumquat is all about diversity, accessibility, and sense of adventure. They urge people from all walks of life to join them at their events with an open mind and a craving for good music. Tickets are on sale now. 


Praslesh Photo by Studio XXIX @ Sunwaves 24

Barac Photo at Kumquat Bellevilloise by Leviet Photography


Words by Gabrielle Runzer


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