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After nearly twenty years of high quality productions, Djing and performing mind blowing live sets all over the world it is so great to see that native German, Christian Burkhardt is showing no signs of slowing down, always proving his pleasure in producing. Over the years he has created a curious catalogue delving deep in to all corners of the house and techno world, releasing on the likes of Cocoon, Oslo, Raum…Musik, Pressure traxx really proves his diversity and his ability to stretch his sound to the limits. However their can not be a much better feeling then solidly releasing on your own imprint, CB Sessions has been running for two years and is all recorded in Christian’s home studio whilst jamming and getting creative with close friends. A strong belief of capturing the moment and getting it instantly recorded.

22nd November sees the release of the ‘Nonstop LP’ an eight track LP taking you on a journey through sound, full to the brim with warm and charming grooves, ready for all kinds of dancefloor situations. Smooth as a summers day, the opening track ‘Nonstop’ is a funky number to say the least, with a fantastic guitar driving the track, maintaining a light and happy level from start to finish, setting the mood for what is in store. Similar to the opening track, ‘Enough’ has deep jazz influences, a more upbeat tempo.As it ripples through the dancefloor it will have you moving, without a doubt. A real adventure, laced with a constant rolling groove. Maintaining that feel good vibe when teaming up with long term friend Sascha Dive in ‘Fine Line’ fresh vocals creating a sense of ease, accompanied by a bouncing bassline to keep your head nodding.

Def’ and ‘Elector’ are two of the more obscure tracks, packed full with a spaced out break sound. ‘Def’ definitely the steadier of the two, perfect for slowing down mid set, creating a deep thought over the crowd, a real crunch when the kick swings in. ‘Elector’ is a pure, and raw driven track, at peak time this would do some serious damage having the audience in a daze, taking them higher and higher, a real retro feel when it breaks free. Dreamy percussions, ready to uplift you and take you on a trip, weaved perfectly to a mechanical sound in ‘Dontstop’ would go down a treat in a big room and warehouse environment. 

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The final two tracks of the LP are both perfect for the end of the night, or to create that after party vibe; but are completely different in their own right. ‘Bananas’ is a fun record, carried by euphoric melodies getting those hands in the air, as the fast paced bass keeps you on your toes, winding down from the events of the night. However, if you fancy something more dark then opt for ‘Fallin w/ Daniel Roth’. The clue is in the name. This eerie and mysterious track feels as if the floor is opened up beneath you, as you wonder what the tripped out vocals are calling out to you.

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As always there is nothing simple about the sound Burkhardt has curated for us here, proving the intelligence within his music. A real look inside his studio, where anything is possible with his friends, twisting sounds and arranging them in a complex manner, creating sounds for all occasions.

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Words by Zac

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