Hailing from Italy and now based in Ibiza, Luca Cazal has unleashed this year his new project LVCA to push a more underground sound, incorporating elements of the 90’s tech house, electro, and old school Italo sonorities, but without renouncing what is most dear to him: groove! 2020 has in fact seeing LVCA landing on labels such as Robert James’ Body Movement, Anthea’s Partisan, and most recently Sock It To Me (Ba Dum Tish) alongside Marlon. His very first mix features almost only unreleased solo productions from LVCA himself (spot the intruder!) plus collaborations with Sidd, Marlon, and Josh Baker and can be summed up as a hyper speed journey between 303 acid sequences, fast-paced drums, hefty bassline hits, and dreamy synths.