Long time French underground house hero, Dan Ghenacia and Venezuelan, Argenis Brito, deliver the third in the TONE SERIES Remix Series.  The first sees Dan take David K’s spacious, reverb heavy Machine Dream turned into a polished, dancefloor mood setter. Tight drums laced with groove, something himself and his peers know a thing or two about all too well, provide a housy, yet subtle feel throughout.

dan        tsrs03 machine-dream dan-ghenacia remix iphone

Nothing seems forced; it’s certainly an exercise in restraint from the seasoned producer. As the ever-present hypnotic hook leads the song from the front, short brass stabs, with a classic air about them, help to decorate the track. The breakdown trickles in for a short but sweet relief, before a renewed dancefloor drive returns.

Records like this have and always will have a place in DJs bags when looking to set, or indeed maintain a very specific mood in a room and are likely to feature at Ghenacia’s GoDEEP events. Starting out as a stripped back affair, with plenty of reverb trickery, the Agenis Brito remix takes an interesting turn from the original. The Venezualan Villalobos collaborator introduces percussion early on, infrequently accompanied by a sparse but intriguing vocal. Evolving minimal would be a an accurate description for the track, with a crisp snare helping to set the pace.

argenis    tsrs03 ailleurs argenis-brito remix iphone

As a resident at Berlin’s Club Der Visionare, for in excess of 8 years now, Agenis knows this record is likely to sit well with its regulars. Dubby stabs come into play at one point keeping things meandering nicely, at times delving into housier territory as the hi hats open up.

Words by Mitch Willings


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