Sweeping vibes all the way through says the menu: today’s chef, Manda Moor, has cooked for us a 90-minutes thrilling mix ready to go. Combining her Danish and Filipino roots, with the French finesse typical of a Parisian, she is ascending into the spotlight with class and style. If 2021 was a great year – as she landed on prestigious labels like Yaya‘s Tamango and UK powerful Kaluki – 2022 is going to be even bigger, with a series of innovations that will launch her towards new horizons. And just like that, between tribalistic rhythmic congas, stompy kickdrum, and fashion shows, we had the chance to have some words with Manda. Come on, before it gets cold: enjoy the music, enjoy the read and bon appetit!


  • Ciao Manda and welcome on board! How are you?

Ciao, Bonjour, Hallo I’m doing amazing thank you for having me!


  • How’s your day/routine like? Are you a person that likes to schedule stuff during the week?

I have a To Do List, but I don’t impose on myself any hourly schedules. I go with the flow in order of priority and mood. I’m more of a day-by-day person.


  • How do your multicultural origins influence your life/music and how is living in Paris?

I’m Danish on my father’s side and Filipino on my mom’s side. I believe I got my love for music in general from my mom, she was a singer. My attraction for percussions, warm tribal sounds and rhythms may come from this side. The cooler/Viking side may have given me the more technical aspect, and the willpower to push through my dreams!

  •  How did you start?

I’ve always been very passionate about music, but I’d say that my love for electronic music began when I was in my teens. I felt the urge to transmit this passion to crowds so I self-taught myself to DJ in 2015, then I got my first bookings, then I learned how to produce and released my first productions in 2020.


  • Your first gig is dated 2019, while your first EP in 2020, what have you done before? Were you there already but waiting for the perfect moment to come out?

I had small local bookings before that but 2019 was when my name first appeared in key venues such as Amnesia Ibiza and Rex Club. I was definitely waiting for the right label to release my first EP. Kaluki was perfect and I’m so honoured to have reached #1 on Beatport Minimal Deep Tech and to be their first #1.


  • Where did the Mood Edits idea come from? In which mood should put the listener be?

Sirus Hood and I created MOOD EDITS when the pandemic started, we were inspired by how House Music began: with Disco Edits. We called in “MOOD” because it’s the contraction of “Hood” and “Moor” and we made edits for different moods. Today music is consumed so fast due to streaming and easy access.

The idea was to give value to music by making it limited in time, as people enjoy much more a track if they know it’s scarce. We recomposed entirely RnB, Disco, HipHop songs with our own spice, to also reach people that may not be familiar with our genre. You can listen to MOOD EDITS everywhere with any sound system, and in any mood!

  • The edits always work on quite “pop” stuff, what’s your position on playing with popular/commercial music?

We spend a lot of time choosing carefully what to edit. They must have at least one of these criteria: rare, unknown, classy, with a “hit” spirit. We edited some quality known classics as well as rare, unknown tunes. We didn’t really pay attention to the underground/commercial duality, as long as the music is quality. The edits were supported on BBC Radio 1 by Pete Tong, as well as played often by The Martinez Brothers & Loco Dice.


  • Your sound is pretty groovy/tribalistic/heavy and sometimes even bit rough, definitely something we don’t expect from a sweet girl like you ahah! How come? How would you describe it in three words?

Like I said earlier, I have Viking blood in me haha, surely it comes from there! On top of the words you said, I could describe my sound like the Powerpuff girls: sugar, spice, and everything nice


  • Raw sounds but silky clothing, tell us about your relationship with the world of fashion.

I’m very tall. My height attracts attention, so does my hair and my different physique. I counter that by wearing a lot of black, or neutral colours. I do like to have a pop of colour on an accessory or my nails.

I collaborated with brands like Yves Saint Laurent and Oysho. YSL was my last collab, I introduced their latest perfume “Black Opium”.

  • We know you just signed to a dream label, but is there another one you’d like to release on? Tell me which is and why it’s so important to you.

I’m absolutely blessed to have released already on some of my favourite labels, Tamango and Kaluki have always been goals for me. Another top label is coming up for me and I’m buzzing!

I’d love to release on Fuse, for example, it’s a challenge for me to tap into this more minimal style that I love to play, but that I’ve never tried producing. Other labels I admire: Strictly Rhythm, Cuttin Headz/Boogeyman, Desolat, Adult Only, Apollonia, Constant Sound, Robsoul


  •  Dream collab and dream gig:

Dream collab with DJ Deeon & DJ Sneak, dream gig at DC10 Terrasse.


  • You have such a cool studio? How much time do you spend on it, what’s your fav toy and how much time does it take to build it?

I share the studio with Sirus Hood, it took a decade to build. My favourite toy is the TR-909.

  • Warm-up or peaktime? Pizza or pasta? Flights or train? Bass face or duck face (that’s easy!)

I love playing warm-up and peaktime! Both have their perks. Warming up is all about getting the crowd steadily ready for peaktime hours, it’s about playing very groovy and not about playing your biggest tunes. It’s a great opportunity to play cool tracks and getting people in the mood.

How can you ask me to choose between 2 of my fave foods haha. I’m obsessed with Neapolitan Pizzas and Pasta with truffles

Flights for long runs, trains if the views are nice

Bass in the face!


  • Any interests outside music/fashion?

I love animals, especially cats. I have 2 cats that I love with my whole soul. One day if I have the means, I’d love to build a rescue place for animals. I’m fond of nature and spirituality, every day I work on myself and learn about myself. I love good food, & working out. But I work out mainly so I can eat a lot without feeling too guilty haha.



Words by Francesco Quieti 

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