MEOKO is happy to welcome & sit down with two techno heavyweights: none other than Berghain Resident Marcel Dettmann & up and coming artist Deniro are here to talk about their latest release, a 4-track EP titled “Identifier” on DGTL. It’s signature to Deniro’s pull and push style, which has garnered the attention of several industry heads such as Nina Kraviz, Peggy Gou, and Steve Rachmad.

The remix by Marcel Dettmann makes for a stellar match, complimenting the original version with a short, tougher re-imagination of the track. It’s straight to the dance floor, reminiscent of peak-time techno, and blends perfectly with the overall theme of the EP. We also got to talk about what are they have been up to of late, their view on the electronic scene on different continents, and much more.

  • Marcel, when did you first hear about Deniro and vice versa?

Marcel – I got to know him through his music. At that time it was Atavism / Throwback, a record on his own label TAPE. I played both songs very often in my sets… a short time later we played together in De Marktkantine in Amsterdam, I think that was the first time we met in person.

Deniro – I first heard of Marcel Dettmann many years ago when that typical Berghain sound was hot. I think it was right after the years of minimal techno, so a bit more serious techno was welcome. I first saw Marcel playing at Awakenings festival b2b with Ben Klock.

  •  Why did you think Marcel was the right person for this remix?

Deniro – DGTL asked me to choose a name for the remixer but also wanted me to think big. Easy choice to ask Marcel Dettmann, because he keeps his music groovy and uptempo!

  •  Marcel, you probably get a lot of remix requests, what did you like about this track by Deniro that made you want to remix it?

Marcel – First of all I like his productions a lot… the vibe in the “Identifier” track is great. It keeps going and going, not much happening, but that’s just the craft of minimalism… Plus the remix is released on the DGTL label – it’s one of my favorite festivals and crews, I’ve always had a very good time there and from the beginning played in Amsterdam, Barcelona, São Paulo, Tel Aviv…

  •  Deniro, how are you feeling with your release on DGTL and what would you feel is your next step creatively & musically?

I’m really happy with the tracks. They are a nice combination of tracks for the dancefloor and also tracks for listening at home. My next step is to finish my (first) upcoming album! I really need to work on it, but other projects keep coming in between. As a result, I don’t work on the album that often and keen to postpone it again and again.

  • DGTL is such a big brand & one of the best parties around the world, how do you feel getting support from them & what’s your next step with this relationship?

Deniro – I’m playing at the Amsterdam festival again this year, but would also love to play at their festivals abroad. One of their festivals I would like to play is Sao Paolo.

  • Marcel, being one of the main residents at Berghain…a really “European” club, how do you feel about the scene & parties for example in North & South America?

Marcel – Comparing local scenes, venues, crews on a global level is a very very tough one. This also goes for North and South America – both are continents with various countries, states, cities, neighborhoods… I’d have trouble comparing the crews or crowd of one town with the neighboring one… let alone compare South and North America with each other.

  • Can you guys share a top 5 of producers that inspire you, now or constantly?

Deniro – These are still my favorite producers, starting from the ’90s! All in random order: Surgeon, Robert Hood, Joey BeltramJeff Mills, Steve Rachmad.

Marcel – Rather constantly, and rather artists in a broader sense: Kraftwerk (Gesamtkunstwerk), Bauhaus (Architekturschule), Yuval Harari, Claude Debussy, Friederike von Rauch and Sven Marquardt (Personal and through photography). Besides them, way too many that I’ve got to know through techno, most importantly Hard Wax crew, Basic Channel, Mark Ernestus, Moritz von Oswald… I could go on.

  • What do you guys like to listen to in your free time?

Deniro – Currently I have my studio at home. So when I wake up I just slide into my studio and start making music. But when I’m with friends or just relaxing I like hip-hop music like The Roots. Their music is just timeless. When I’m in another mood I also like catchy pop classics like all George Michael or Michael Jackson tracks.

Marcel – At home, we listen mainly to classical music, or to Italo Disco when cleaning. Otherwise of course many children’s radio plays.

  • What advice would you give to young aspiring DJs and producers coming into the scene right now?

Marcel – Do what you do. Keep doing what you do. Make mistakes, maybe learn from these. Keep doing. Have a plan B or a vision for life beyond or after music. Or don’t have one. Never listen to advice from this kind of question.

Deniro – Make music as many hours a day and read everything about the technical aspects on the internet. You maybe don’t need hardware for your sound, but it still doesn’t hurt to get some pieces of hardware. No need to follow expensive internet courses. Try to create your own style, but definitely learn from your heroes.

Deniro’s “Identifier” EP (incl. Marcel Dettmann Remix) is out now on DGTL

Grab it here –

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