Italian super-producer Marco Faraone is due to play Caprices festival in April. This three-day celebration showcases the best electronic music the globe has to offer, against the beautiful backdrop of Crans- Montana. After a number of years in the business and becoming infamous for his experimental style, he is sure to create some amazing memories. We caught up with Faraone to talk about his progression as an artist and what the future holds for him, plus Marco Faraone has given the Meoko audience an exclusive mix No:236.

MF 236 MC

Who would you say were your early influencers?

I started playing music very early, I was 14 and at the beginning I was very fascinated by the hip-hop scene and artists like Run DMC for example. I discovered house and techno a few years later jumping and playing so many different styles of music in between, even drum’n’bass.

I became fascinated with the 90s house championed by Masters At Work and Todd Terry, whilst admiring Laurent Garnier for his ability to effortlessly play diverse and eclectic sets. 

How would you describe your personal sound, and how did you develop it over time?

I would say the perfect way to describe my production and also my DJ sets is “versatile”. As I said before my musical journey has been contaminated by different shades and music influences. I feel very bored to play the same groove or style of music in my sets that’s why I always jam and try to play various sets. This is automatically reflected into my productions. I never sit in the studio and know what is going to happen, I just let the flow get my mind and me somewhere and produce what I feel in that moment. A few years ago I produced a very experimental album, something completely different than what I normally produce. Every day is different.

You’ve worked for multiple labels over the course of your career, are there any standout moments for you from the early years?

As a versatile DJ and producer, yes I’ve been releasing on many different labels. The record that opened my doors and gave me the chance to start playing and be known by people around the scene was “Strange Neighbours” which I released in 2010 on Matthias Tanzmann’s label Moon Harbour. This tune has been played by Ricardo Villalobos continuously for more than 3 years and reached the Beatport 1st position for more than a month. Indeed, also all the other releases on Desolat, Drumcode, Ovum, Be As One, All Inn and Holic Trax are been important to build up my profile, but for sure “Strange Neighbors” was the spark that made everything start for me.


You managed to balance a residency at Tenax in Florence while travelling across the globe, how did you do it?

Tenax is the club where I grew up and where I had the chance to listen many of the most important coming from all over the world. When I started to DJ I was not even thinking to play outside my hometown and Tenax was so unreachable! It was like a dream to play there. I had a very long musical evolution and development, I did everything step by step and it took me many years to create my opportunities and situations. Playing at Tenax as resident is not easy because I travel all over the world every week, but I always try to have 4/5 shows every year. It’s something necessary for me, be a resident of a club is very important, it helps you to keep the flow with the people, understand them, create and build the atmosphere of the party. I made so many warm up sets during this 14 years playing music and I love to do it, the warm up is probably the most special part of the night. When it is possible I prefer to play solo sets from the beginning till the end, the more I play more I’m happy.

What made you want to launch your own label, Uncage?

Often the desire to express yourself, giving free rein to instinct to give voice to their own sound, takes over; when this happens, it takes over the need to transmit and communicate its message through music. After various consolidated or otherwise interrupted collaborations with other labels, I decided that was the time to create my own platform, Uncage and release the music I like. The label started in November 2015 and it’s building up slow and step by step as I always like to do things. It always takes time to me and my label manager Norman Methner to select and be 100% sure about what we want to release. Some huge upcoming releases are on the way, stay connected!



You’re playing the massive Caprices festival in Switzerland soon, how do you prepare for each performance? Is there a particular routine you have?

I’m very looking forward to play at Caprices festival for the first time, it’s one of the most beautiful events in the world. Thanks Aminata for inviting me! I’m sure it will be a party to remember, also because I’ll play alongside friends like Marco Carola, Paco Osuna and Leon and so many friends are coming. I’m very excited! I’ll have 3 events in a row in the week, Caprices, Music On London and Church Leeds, it’s going to be a crazy weekend!

How do you choose your set-lists?

I never prepare my sets before the party, of course I have an idea or where I’m going to play (club, festival, open air) and imagine what I could do, but I always improvise and feel the vibe of the party. I get there, look at the people and play the music I feel to play in that moment. Don’t forget I’m a versatile DJ, prepare a set before doesn’t make me feel like that.

Do you prefer the larger festival environments or small intimate venues, why?

Honestly I like both, I like the festival because I can always play a bit harder, especially in the big floors. In the clubs I always try to create a more intimate atmosphere and this is something I really like. I love when the DJ booth is close to the people and you can interact with them. Every place is different and tells its own story.


What does the future look like? Any personal projects or Uncage releases to tell us about?

I have so many upcoming projects, also on the label. The next EP coming out is from Italian DJ producer Fabio della Torre also known as Corcos, he’s managing one of the most interesting Italian labels “Bosconi” and it’s a big pleasure to have him on board of my project. His EP will include 2 massive remixes by Marcel Fengler and Regen. I’ve signed two new EPs on very big labels but I can’t tell anything yet, I believe I can share the news in the next weeks. I’ll also have a new vinyl release on Tenax Recordings called “Horizon” that will include Honey Dijon’s Remix! So excited for this one!

You’ll be coming over to Britain soon, what do you think of our music scene here?

I love to play in UK, it’s one of the best places in the world to play for me. I’ll come to London on April 7th for the Music On’s night at Electric Brixton, then Church Leeds the day after. I also have planned to play for a massive Drumcode Showcase on April 17th in Belfast for Shine. I’m sure all this events are going to be amazing. Can’t wait!

Caprices Festival will be taking place between the 6th-9th April in Crans-Montana, Switzerland. Marco will be performing alongside Ben Klock, Jamie Jones, Ricardo Villalobos, Seth Troxler and many, many more. To stay up-to-date or purchase tickets, click here.


Words by Georgia Evans