In his solo venture Marlowe is exploring the many sources of inspiration that have shaped his Digitaline partnership and is taking them a step further. Old exotic and tribal beats underlie to newer deep, dark and futuristic sounds. This mix has a mellow techno base line fused with various, diverse sounds into a whole, growing rhythm. Marlowe works to find the balance, the harmony of extremes, the contact point in two completely different genres and build an unique melody. The intrusion of his dearest psychedelic sounds signs the beginning of the second half of the mix, which evolves into darker spiral of hypnotic sounds. Elegant and smooth changes reveal his long past experience in the field and his technical knowledge. This mix flows as if it was just a single track, produced by an individual from head to toe. Melodic and multi-layered, this mix demonstrates Marlowe’s talent and competence. Recorded from a live set at Watergate, Berlin, Germany.

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