Striding confidently and moving freely, Martinez, real name Martin Swanstein, gets onto the case for Meoko’s podcast series to demonstrate with ease and leisure what he is capable of getting across between the grooves: to tell stories beyond belief. His deep and cristalline definition of house oscillates somewhere between gripping tunes that ooze functionality and depth at the same time, and stylish and joyous jazzy workouts that overflow with sparkling abstraction without demanding too much. The balance is just there, a carefully calculated equilibrium, which he manages to establish by effortless intertwining spacial sounds and drifting melodies with crisp basslines and forward driving percussive elements. Martinez knows exactly what he is doing: The Danish musician who, already in the early days of his fulfilling artist career, alreay managed to establish himself as a sought-after DJ and producer in his teens, working with well-established artists like Trentemoller, and has not stopped to flow and grow ever since.

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