It’s not often you have something to do with a living legend. A symbol, a name that evokes sounds, feelings, and pleasant moments. All this, and even more, it’s what Mathew Jonson represents. The Berlin-based eclectic artist really is one of a kind. With a recognizable classic background, his music offers a rare fusion of populist intensities and nuanced musicality, always managing to keep the dancefloor busy while making the listener’s mind free to dive into all the facets that electronic music allows to explore. He’s responsible for some of the most iconic masterpieces of the last two decades, including “Marionette”, “Typerope”, and “Pannacotta”, tracks that have transcended the mere club use, later becoming anthems for thousands of ravers all over the world. A relentless work in the studio has led him to develop his iconic live set that sometimes also features his wife Isis on the vocals, adding a special intimate touch to an already incredible effort.

Ahead of his return to Caprices Festival on Saturday, we’re pleased to share with you some words we recently exchanged, suggesting you read the interview with an exclusive mix that Mathew himself prepared for us.