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Almost as entertaining to watch as he is to listen to, his infectious grooves never fail to impress. His productions and reputation have seen Mathias Kaden reach the upper echelons of house and techno whilst few can match his funk fuelled performances. Mathias chats to MEOKO about trends, dancing and his upcoming work…

Hi Mathias,Thanks so much for answering some questions for us and all of your fans. It’s safe to say that both your productions and performances as a DJ have inspired many people. When did you decide that music and DJing would be your chosen career and who were your influences leading to that decision?

In 2000 I decided I would focus purely on making music and DJing.  I was playing for friends and small clubs and got really into it. The music at the time was really good and not everyone was a DJ like it seems now!  I had to work hard to get gigs but I wanted it badly and wanted it to be my life.

Which came first for you, playing music, or making it?

I was DJing from around 1996, the producing came later in around 2002.

The house and techno music that you produce has always been very distinctive, giving it a timeless appeal. Whether it’s the slightly darker more minimal pieces of years gone by, the ‘minimal samba’ that you championed over the last few years, or the slightly housier elements we can hear now, what is it that makes your tracks different to many other producers?

I try to just do what I want and not go with the current trend or sound that is in fashion.  I play to make people dance and happy which I also hope crosses over into my productions.  I love to do dancefloor tracks that I can play in my own sets.  The minimal samba was a funny story but I’ve kind of left the percussion style and would say at the moment I’m into the stright roots of house and techno with a bit of samba :-)))) It changes all the time.  

You often play back to back, do you prefer to do this or play on your own?

Either way is great….I love to play b2b with my dear friend Daniel Stefanik and also alone. As long as I’m playing I’m happy.

When you do play b2b, who do you enjoy playing with the most, or does it depend on the crowd?

Its always up to the crowd…..but if they don’t get it then I play what I want….nobody cares at that point! Playing b2b is a little different as you are sharing emotions together… can be really amazing to push each other higher to another level.  

I break out in a sweat just watching you DJ…it’s great to see somebody perform with such energy and enthusiasm. I bet you don’t need to go to the gym very often?

Quite often it feels like I dance more than the crowd :-))))…..….when I start to play, I’m concentrating so hard I don’t know I’m doing it, I just move.

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We’ve been really digging your remix of Ramon Tapia’s ‘Pili Pili’ on Suara in the office. Have you got anything lined up for release in the next month or two?

There are some remixes coming for Marek Hemmann, Nick Curly and for a Japanese producer called Sodeyama….and still hot are my remixes for Ruede Hagelstein, Wareika, Emerson Todd and Kink….It feels like I’ve done a lot. My next ep will come this year too!!

Your Studio 10 album on Vakant was released back in 2009…have you got any plans for another album, or is your touring schedule too busy?

I’m really busy but I’d like to work on the follow-up next year…….

You gig all over the world week in week out and obviously a lot of these are organized by your agent. If you were in charge of your own bookings for a couple of months, and assuming you could choose anywhere, where would you go and play?

Actually I’m in charge of my own bookings….me and my booker speak everyday about where I’m gonna play or not….;-)….one dream is to play in Africa…


Cheers for the interview. 

By Nick Maleedy


You can next catch one of Mathias Kadens legendary sets at the upcoming OneMore Warehouse event on 22nd September where he’ll be playing alongside another MEOKO favourite, Cesare vs Disorder. 

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