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Meadows in the Mountains is nestled away within the Bulgarian Rhodope Mountain range, sitting on top of the Greek border encourage you to go wild and abandon responsibilities as you soak up the beautiful, natural surroundings of the uniquely placed festival. After all, it is what it says, Meadows in the Mountains.

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Aside from the likes of Theo Parrish collaborator and Flowers creator Andrew Ashong, San Proper, Hrdvsn, Jazzanova’s Alex Barck and many more underground acts from the world’s of house, funk and soul, you can even take a horse and cart ride, have a go at downhill grass bob-sleighing, go on a mountain ramble or for the more adventurous type out there, take a trip on the ‘death slide’ or subject yourself to a ride on the mountain top zip line.




Shunning the ethos of capitalism for community, pre-fab festivals for a unique experience and the arena-packing superstardom of large-scale festivals for intimate personality, Meadows in The Mountains represents a refreshing alternative within a deluge of paint-by-numbers festivals and events. Just make sure you remember to bring your camera along and more importantly, bags of enthusiasm! 


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If you’re up for an adventurous dive into the woods than look no further as MEOKO is offering a pair of festival tickets. All you have to do is email sporting the subject line ”Meadows in the Mountains” and wait patiently. Good luck to all!


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