In the space of two years Alex, Nunzio and Stefano have created one of London’s best underground house and techno events in OneMore.  Every month Shoreditch’s Hearn Street Car Park is transformed from raw warehouse space into one of London’s premier rave venues. It’s old school Hacienda vibe and cutting edge lineups give it an atmosphere difficult to be paralleled anywhere else in London. MEOKO chat to the guys about their past, present and future…


kennylarkinHi guys, thanks for speaking to MEOKO today. I’m sure you’re very busy with two huge events coming up… It’s your 2nd anniversary this weekend on the 8th December and you’ve got a special live set from Lawrence who is an incredible producer. What else have you got lined up for the night?

OneMore:  Yes, Lawrence played live at OneMore 12 months ago and was great… we just had to get him back!! Same thing with Kiki, he did a memorable performance at OneMore in the pre-Hearn St era so we wanted him back as a little birthday treat… but the BIG treat is Kenny Larkin, really looking forward to meet him, he’s one of those legendary characters as far as house and techno is concerned and of course we’re all looking forward to see him in action!!  

OneMore is turning two this week, but you guys have a wealth of experience in throwing events and parties.  How did you all three meet and where did the idea/concept for OneMore come from?

OneMore: As you said, we have always worked within the music industry… Before becoming business partners we were already best mates with a common passion for music. We figured out what we enjoyed the most about the east London underground scene and decided it was time to put our experiences to use by setting up a new project. So OneMore was born. The idea was clear since the beginning, to provide unconventional settings with high quality production and high caliber international guests….Honestly, it’s one of the best feelings to be able to run a business together with your best friends and fuelled by common passion…For us it’s a full time job but we treat it like our baby.  Amongst us, we are 3 completely different and opposite characters but all together we became really powerful.

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How do you break down the responsibilities? Are you each in charge of different aspects of the events, or is it a combined effort on all fronts?

OneMore: Of course we have different responsibilities; we have lots of things to do every day as we also run Hearn Street Car Park as a venue for lots of other things such as photo & video shoots and corporate events. 

The good thing about the structure between us 3 is that it is flat. Nobody tells anyone what to do… We just had roles to fill and they were filled naturally… The boss is everyone and nobody at the same time so whatever decision needs to be taken is taken together to combine all efforts.  Additionally, of course we put together a big team (family) and every single one of them deserves some merit because we believe that this success was achieved thanks to everyone working together!

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There have been some very special nights down at Hearn Street Car Park. Do you have any favourite OneMore memories?

Stef: Oh, wow, there are so many… actually, every event felt like the best memory…. Until the next one came along and became the new best!!

Nunzio: For me every Onemore event is the best but the most memorable is the August Marathon.  It was something that made me very happy because it was a real challenge for us to make 2 warehouse parties in the same day, in 2 different venues, one straight after the other…Unforgettable!!


Alex: Of course an important memory for me is when our mate Steve Lawler came to play for us. That is always amazing to meet and work with him because there is always a strong connection btw Steve and OneMore.  Another moment which I will never forget was back in May, Radio Slave’s 4 hrs set! This guy is for me one of the best djs on the planet and this is the reason why he is one of our regulars.  Let’s not forget our Marathon in August, 17hrs of music in 2 different venues, definitely one of the busiest nights in the history of Hearn Street. Also another super night was with Pan-Pot and again with Ryan Elliott…basically I believe EVERY event since we took over Hearn Street Car Park has been an unforgettable moment.

Any nightmare moments you can tell us about?

OneMore: That’s an easy question J. Receiving a phone call from Guy Gerber’s agent 24 hrs before the event to say that he was not going to perform due to illness has to be right up there!! However, from that horrible moment we learnt how OneMore has gained an amazing reputation and respect within the Industry, because in the following 24tHrs we had full support from all the agencies we worked with to find the right replacement. So we managed to replace him in a record-breaking time so that we still offered a special guest (Ripperton) and everything worked out for the best…  

 Exclusive Mix from Kiki  – Catch Kiki at OneMore this Saturday 8th December 



There’s been a real resurgence in warehouse parties in London. Do you think this is because there’s a lack of quality clubs, or because the warehouse venues offer you something different?

Stef: There are millions of people in London and most of them are happy with conventional clubbing experiences, purpose-built structures with great sound and lighting designed to entertain the masses… A bit like a holiday resort where you don’t have to worry about anything… And that is cool!  However, London also offers an incredible amount of amazing spaces, designed for some other original purpose, but which can now be recycled into fantastic venues… In a warehouse you don’t know what to expect so a warehouse party is far more adventurous and therefore more appealing to some people. So, yeah, warehouses offer something different but at the same time, it doesn’t mean that clubs are no-good…

Alex: Musically, the warehouse parties are the beauty of London, you can have amazing parties everywhere and that’s why London is so special. Also, these days i think the quality of parties is much higher in the warehouses

Nunzio: Clubs in London are great and if the people prefer warehouses i would say…it’s probably due to their lifestyle.

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The scene in London is very strong at the moment with so many parties happening every weekend, what makes yours distinctive in comparison to the rest?

Stef: Promoting in London is hard work. There are millions of people but also millions of promoters and it’s difficult to stand out from the crowd…  One of the things that differs us from other warehouse promotions in the fact that we secured a very special venue and use it exclusively for OneMore which makes the whole experience unique… Also, musically we range from house to techno so can offer the best of both worlds without falling into restrictive definitions…  

Nunzio: The quality of the events in London is extraordinarily high and I’m so happy because that gives us greater willpower to make any OneMore a special OneMore

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Alex: Well, you are completely right; every weekend there are many great parties to go to. Honestly, I think all the promoters in London do a great job and we have a massive respect for everyone. That’s why you can find us everywhere partying when we are not working 🙂  But I believe OneMore is something else, OneMore is the most innovative underground event and since last year, it became a new platform, the place where the finest underground DJs want to play to sell-out and appreciative audience. Also the support of our mixed followers each month is amazing.  There is always an intense energy around and strong connection between audience and music. The definition of OneMore given by many djs that have played for us has always the same ”feels like an old school Rave ” which is something rare to find these days . 

One more Halloween Party 

I guess there’ll be no time to recover after this weekend as you have your huge NYE event in a few weeks. Have you got anything special planned for the night?

OneMore: Definitely, it’s going to be a busy December 2012 for us. After the anniversary we have another big night as you said, NYE!  Our line up, as usual, is a special one, we have been working really hard to have these 2 busy artists Radio Slave and Tiefschwarz together on the same night. They will have full support from our residents Antonio De Angelis and Outart who are a very important part of the OneMore family. They have been with us since the beginning and delivered incredible performances every time! I believe there is no better line up to kick off this 2013 🙂 don’t you think?! :))

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Do you have any plans for OneMore outside of the events you’re throwing in London?

OneMore: We definitely have lots of things going on but we are not allowed to reveal anything at moment. We can guarantee you 2013 will bring OneMore to a new level and for sure MEOKO will be the first to find out! 😉

And finally, imagine this scenario. It’s NYE and Prince Harry rocks up to the front of the guestlist queue with his entourage. He’s not on the list…do you turn him away or let him in and show him a good time?

OneMore: Yes of course we would love to show him what a real party is all about… As long as he’s not too drunk! 

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