MEOKO met with Lola Ed’s own Seuil and Anthony Collins to find out more about them / their involvement in Half Baked. They are both spinning at the party next Friday (30 September).

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Seuil runs his own labels Eklo Music and Hold Youth, and has released EPs on Minibar, Freak and Chic, Circus Company and Moon Harbour. As well as being part of the Lola Ed team, he is also a key member of the Half Baked family, and is resident for their parties. Seuil is synonymous with quality music!

Joining Seuil on the line up is Anthony Collins – one of the true stalwarts of deep house music, Anthony has released productions on Freak & Chic, Poker Flat, Horizontal Music and has played at DC10, Rex Club and Batofar, Panorama Bar, Zoo Ibiza… the list goes on. He is a hard working, forward thinking DJ and producer who never fails to make a whole room dance!

What makes the half baked parties special for you both?*

AC: The creative vibe of the people behind it …the actual crowd coming there…and the music played ….

S: So, for me, it’s special, in the way, that i played for the first one, Greg & Robin (Half Baked Residents), were my friend already and they told me about their project, then i brought them the 2 other guys, Le Loup & Yakine for the following parties, then we all became Half Baked Residents.

The Lola Ed agency certainly seems to be all about celebrating and promoting French artists. Could you tell us a little bit about your relationship with the agency?*

AC: Before working together we were all close friends so it is just amazing a real family we always party together and hang out…….It could not be better…..

S: My Agency is my family, Lola wasn’t exist before, we were all already together in another way, then we were all there at the Lola ed’s creation. All the people in the agency from artists to management are friends

What is your favourite expression in French, and what does it mean in English?*

AC: “Quand y en marre y malabar “

Which means: when your fed up take a “malabar” which is a French chewing gum , it’s famous slogan from a TV commercial in France

…you have to be French to get it for sure!

S: Actually it’s not really 100% French, i come from Reunion Island which is a French island, there we say “Oté” it’s like an interjection to express your surprise…lots of my friends think it’s funny, I usually use it a lot 😉

What sort of set can we expect from you both at half baked?*

AC: Indian two step mixed with a bit of Egyptian disco and New Zeland Polka

S: As usual, Vinyls and cds, I’m not preparing my sets, just my bag… those last times, I have some new Soul capsule, lo soul remixes or some old Perlon and Playhouse, micro house grooves, deep and mental, usual Seuil’s sets.


If you had to rescue 3 records from your house which was burning down, what would they be?

AC: one of the old Cajemere records …Chez Damier and Pullen : Forever Mona, Agent X – In the morning EP

S: The records who change my vision of house music : Ricardo Villalobos -Alacachofa, his album on Playhouse, Pantytec’s album Ponyslaytation on Perlon.


What is your best experience so far as a DJ?*

AC: Nights at dc 10 and panorama bar with the LOla crew have to be up there for sure !!!

S: Every time is a new experience! There has been lots of amazing times, I couldn’t choose which one has been the best…

Underground French house music has developed a really sexy, druggy vibe to it, from the grittier style of Dyed Soundorom to the deep, slow sleaze of dOp. What is it about life in France and especially Paris that has influenced such a sound?

AC: French house music as a great background on all the deep side …I mean people like pepe bradock , st germain …and so many more really build a strong base for use to grow up on …

French and especially in Paris people like it deep and sexy, French lovers , French kiss what more to say…

S: I came to Paris 10 years ago from my island, this is my “company town”, i love the buildings, the food, the girls, i have my daughter here to take care, i can’t see myself living in Berlin, or this kind of place, I’m really inspired by the time from french touch with artists like Gregory, Pepe Braddock, Trankilou, Ark who was represented the french house grooves at their best, and this is what still inspire me today

How does the nightlife scene in Paris compare to London?*

AC: I would not compare them , but i would say about paris is that there is a huge revival since almost 2 years. the parties are great with a fresh new crowd … Its very exiting to live in Paris right now

S: It’s different for sure, Paris nightlife was hard last year, but since a while it’s getting so much better, with a lot more people getting out at night. I love to go to London, one of my favourite city to dj, but it’s great when you can play in your town, and have all your friends around to have party with them, even if i have lots of friends in London too … 😉

What do you both think about Dubstep?*

AC: I think like in pretty much all genre there is something really interesting stuff. I like especially the deeper side of it when they use vocal samples kind of like 2 step garage style

S: I love dubstep, since a while already, I get trauma by Burial when he released his first works. I really like this kind of deep and dark dubstep, with some lights garage feelings in the vocals, artists like Burial, Martyn, Scuba, Joy Orbison, Sigha… It’s always great to get new sounds in the scene, for insipiration and everything, i love when music is going forward, even if i have influences , i think electronic have to be always in research of new things, house is a formula but we don’t have to follow the exact recipe to make a good cake …

What new releases do you both have coming up, and what sort of influences do they have?*

AC: I got new releases coming up on telegraph , perspective , culprit and bunch of other stuff in the working. But my main thing at the moment is taking care of my new label scissor and thread very exiting project !!

S: So i have some releases coming, in September, a new ep on Ultrastretch, Sammy Dee’s new label, it will featured a remix by Baby Ford which I’m super proud of, because it’s Baby Ford, it’s one of my hero since a long time . For October, I have a 2 tracks ep coming on Hello Repeat, Jan Kruger’s label, one is more classic deep chicago track and the other one is a more mental longplay track, with Seuil’s vibe 😉 . And another ep as Hold Youth in October on the new label (Hold Youth) we just start with my friend Le Loup, this one will be more slow motion, soul, hiphop, funk feeling. Then in December, my second EP on Circus Company, in which there will be one track featured by my buddies dOp …

anthony collins

Are you good at dancing, and will you be doing any special moves on the dance floor for the half baked party?

AC: i am not sure if I am any good but for sure I will get my groove on , in front and behind the decks !!!

S: I think I’m great at dancing! I can do any move: Just ask my half baked friends, they will tell you about it 😉

Who are your favourite music producers at the moment?*

AC: so many to mention really!!!!

Theo Parrish, Omar S, Thomas Melchior, Bruno Pronsato, Villalobos, Koze – the list could on and on ….

S: Right now, I really like what the detroit guys are doing, like Delano Smith, Norm Talley,.. as well Mrsk is super hot! Dario Zenker is making great deep techno too. And my friends Djebali, Le Loup, Yakine, dOP, Tolga Fidan, Douze, S3A, San Proper, producers who working with Eklo or Hold Youth …

I’m really happy to see that Trelik is releasing again 😉

1st and 2nd Release are Sold Out – Tickets available on RA

Interview by Anna Wharton

HB pictures by Good Moodz