Hi guys, so firstly, congratulations on the fourth birthday. Obviously you’re both a little older than four…is there a back-story to Cerca Trova? How did you guys meet and where did the idea for Cerca Trova come from?

Rossko: After one night out I came home in the early hours of the morning and I sat up watching the Discovery channel not being able to sleep (As you do!) there was a documentary about Leonardo Di Vinci. These “art detectives” were trying to solve the mystery of whether it was myth or fact that his famous lost painting was hidden behind a mural he painted in Italy for centuries. On the mural the words “Cerca Trova” were inscribed by Di Vinci, this was his cryptic clue that had people believe that this was where his master piece was kept hidden. Till this day they still don’t know! Cerca Trova means “Seek And You Will Find” and it was at this point in the documentary the light bulb went off in my head – this was the beginning of the concept and from there we started to organize the first party from this point.

Exclusive Rossko MEOKO Podcast 

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Can you remember the first party, how did it go?

Rossko: I remember it like it was yesterday – It was a collection of all our close friends and party people that we had met through years of clubbing in London. It was a very personal and intimate party for around 250 people. Tolga Fidan and Hector were headlining, we spent weeks going out meeting new people, taking down email address & mobile numbers to those we felt we were right for the party. We were chased by the Police on a number of occasions for putting up posters in the wrong places around East London – we wanted to reach out to all the right people..

The party had such an amazing vibe – it was so raw and the music from start to finish was so on point. We were so green on how to put on parties…I think that made that party even more special. We grew mainly from people talking to their friends about Cerca Trova, I think if it wasn’t for word of mouth, we wouldn’t be where we are today.

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405278 10150489859628693 647734760 nYou’re famed for finding edgy basement and warehouse locations for your events. What makes you do this rather than using a more traditional venue?

Daniel: We never once thought about using conventional nightclubs when we were planning our first parties. From the outset we wanted the party to have a raw and underground feel to it, this reflected the music we are still pushing to this day. We found that finding new environment’s really captured people’s imaginations. This really added to the atmosphere of the parties and it created a concept which we have kept; Seek And You Will Find. When we found our first venue, it was the final piece to the puzzle that brought all our ideas and ethos together. We wanted a relaxed atmosphere which we could control, we really wanted people to let go and forget what was going on in the outside world and more importantly the focus was around the music that brought like minded people together. I think larger clubs and bigger promotions have to think about attracting the numbers and look at which artists are current and in the now, they know this will bring the masses to fill their night – So I think they miss a lot of areas that we want to cover as a party.

With the exception of Fabric there aren’t really many big London clubs pushing that cutting edge House and Techno sound that we love. Is there a gap in the market for it in London?

Rossko: I think there is defiantly a gap to bring more House & Techno clubs to London. I just think there needs to more thought that goes into it. I’d like to see more intimate venues pop up with good values rather than larger business-minded clubs. In recent years we have seen these come and go and to be honest I think their failure was missing the point of what House & Techno is all about. All you need to do is look at the clubs that have been successful in the past. If you look closely enough you always see a trend, amazing residents, amazing sound, lighting and everyone connected inside the club from the door staff to the directors even down to the door policy…all are on the same page. Im sure there is a lot more behind to running a successful club than what I have said but I think those are the foundations that will give longevivity to the House & Techno scene. I’d definatly like to see clubs use less outside promoters and brands and concentrate on bringing back in-house nights and promotions.

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You must have learnt a lot from throwing so many parties. Have you had any major catastrophes that you’ve had to deal with?

Daniel: I remember two days before one of our events we were told the new basement venue we were using had been closed down by the local council due to problems that were out of our control. You can imagine the stress this caused, but we always try to remain positive and find a solution than look at the problem. These are the risks that occur frequently when you deal with rogue venue owners – thankfully we have always had great support from close friends and other promotions so we used our contacts to find a new venue close by. In-fact we got the green light on the day we released the address, that is how close we came to a major catastrophe. In the 4 years we have learned a lot and are always looking at how to tweek and improve from the last party, that’s so important to us.

You’ve had some amazing artists play at Cerca Trova including Tolga Fidan and Dan Andrei but you also push the upcoming local talent. Which sets have gone down as the most legendary at your parties would say?

Rossko: Locally Antony Difrancesco’s middle set before Dan Andrei really got me dancing, normally I’m in the background at the parties but I had to stop what I was doing and put my head down and dance to myself away from everyone at the back of the basement. Lee Rands 4 hour b2b with Chris Maran still goes down as one of my favourite warm ups at CT, I only wished that we recorded it – it was amazing to see the crowd arrive early and get into the set straight away.

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Daniel: Internationally; Federico Molinari really played with the crowd and sucked people in, very hypnotic with so much groove. He is one of the best technical DJ’s I seen for a long time, 3 deck mixing and using a lot of tools and acapellas to give it that third dimension. Not only his sound and skills but as a person he is such a great guy – the perfect gentlemen. We have a lot of respect for people like Federico.

So the 1st of December will see you turn 4. What have you got planned for us?

Rossko: Lee Burridge is coming to play an extended set along side Daniel and myself. Not much more needs to be said, we all know what we can expect 😉 He is one of those DJ’s that if your in the know – then you know.. As always we have been searching high and low for new and interesting spaces that fit the bill to host our parties. We are really excited to be working with a professional team and new venue which has restored our faith with venue owners. We will be giving you the usual Cerca Trova treatment, as well as installing a four-point sound system really giving us that extra clarity and warmth.


Lee Burridge is indeed a top booking and a fantastic DJ.  Assuming you didn’t have to worry about DJ fees and booking agents, who would your ideal lineup consist of?

Rossko: I have been a big fan of Terry Francis for a very long time. His older productions and aliases I’m very fond. He has always captured me and every time I see him in Room 1, 2, or 3 at Fabric. More importantly he has always delivered a sound to compliment the room and line up for that night – a proper resident DJ. I’d love to take him out of Fabric just for one night!

Daniel:  For me this is one of them, Lee has always been the first artist on my list to book. We wanted to wait for the right time and moment to book him (3 years) and we felt that our 4th birthday would be the perfect party to introduce him to our underground party away from his usual club and festival environment. Steve Bug is also another established DJ that has interested me since the first days of buying the Pokerflat vinyl. I’m also a big fan of Pablo Denegri which I am sure in the future we will be introducing from Argentina.

Besides throwing underground parties, have you got any other plans for Cerca Trova? Have you got any personal projects on the go?

Daniel: Next year will see the launch of Cerca Trova Recordings, which will be a limited pressing vinyl imprint. Like the party, the label will be a base for me and Rossko to release on aswell as featuring E.P’s and remixes from previous guest DJ’s that have played for Cerca Trova. We want the label to have that intimate and family feel to it – like the party. Each track will be focused around their experience at the party they played. We felt going into our 5th year was a good point to have another platform to express the music and the artists we currently respect.

Finally, if you could choose one, what’s been your favourite Cerca Trova memory so far?

30592 10150183181390556 4184766 n copy copyRossko: My favourite would have to be when we done one of our London special events; inviting Geddes and Enzo Siragusa to spin with us. Halfway through the night when Geddes was playing we had a power-cut, everything went pitch black and you can imagine what it must of felt like in a pitch black basement. 15 minutes went by which felt like an eternity while the owner frantically was checking the fuse-boxes to fix the problem. Suddenly, out of know where we heard the thud from the amp and before anything else turned back on we see the lights from the 1210 decks light up – Geddes instinctively picked up the needle and dropped it at the right point at the end of a break down which by in a few seconds when everything had powered back up it dropped straight back into the tune he was originally playing…The whole place erupted you could feel the energy in the place go through the roof!

Daniel: Dropping; Antonio’s – Hyperfunk in the basement, the crowd went completely bonkers! Not bad considering it’s a 15-year-old 2-step track…

Also at the end of our Autumn 2012 party at Autumn House, Rossko & I played a rare back-to-back set at 6am unannounced, we both knew it was the right time to connect and have a jam. You could see the sun coming up through the slats in the warehouse and small windows behind us, it completely changed the mood and the vibe of the party. This is what gives us the bug to continue to do these parties – creating special moments like that leave a lasting impression.

Interview by Nick Maleedy

Cerca Trova 4th Birthday Event Details 

Saturday 1st December / 22.00 – 6.00 am

Full Line Up

★ Lee Burridge (extended set)

★ Daniel

★ Rossko

Capacity: 500 /Smoking Terrace backing on to the Canal / Brand new toilet facilities /Local Taxi company will be supplied on the night /2 mins walk from Hackney Wick Railway Station