MEOKO chats to Patrick Zigon


Hi Patrick, firstly, thanks a lot for spending the time to answer a few questions with us. You’re playing at Light Bar in London on Sunday. Have you played much in London before, and how do you enjoy it?

Hey guys, thx for inviting me. Really looking forward to coming and have been in London several times. For example I played at Brixton Acadamy at a big event and last time with Mr. C in the Lighthouse. I really enjoyed it i and i like people fom London, they know how to party!

As a lover of both house and techno (like us 😉 how would you describe your sound to those who are not familiar?

Yeah, i always played sound in between these two main genres. Generally i’m really openminded and i like a lot of different music styles, and i don’t like if people categorize music too much. So I never say i play only techno, or i play house, or whatever – i play hypnotic and deep electronic music without borders.

And how has that sound developed since you first started producing and DJ’ing?

It was almost the same sound, nothing has changed at all. Only the names are changing from time to time. Well, i don’t play the really hard techno stuff i used to play in 1996, i like it more relaxed and intelligent.

We’ve been loving your work on your latest Tanzbar EP ‘With a bigly help of my friends’…what are your future plans release wise? Have you got anything exiting projects coming up?

Well thx, this EP means a lot for me. I produced it with good friends, in different studios and countries, we had a really good time. Beside well-known producers like Martin Eyerer, Todd Bodine, Louis Osbourne and Mark Ash, this EP contains collaborations with talented newcomers such as Lupen Crokan and Niko Doreen. Most interesting of my upcoming project is the launch of my label “Biotop”. The first release will be out very soon, i’m really looking forward, as i planed it for years.

We know it’s sometimes to difficult to pick something when it’s your own work in question, but which of your tracks is your personal favourite?

Yeah, i don’t like to favorite my own tracks, but the most important track for me, and maybe the best work is my remix for Guy Gerber & Shlomi Aber’s “Sea Of Sand” on Cocoon.

Which artists have inspired you and your music?

Like i said before, i’m very openminded to all kinds of music, so a lot of artists inspired me. When i start to name a few, i would have to write a lot of names. Basically i get inspired by music which touches my soul, i don’t care about names, labels or genres.

Vinyl, cd’s, laptop or live. What’s your preference and ultimately do you think it matters?

I started to play with Vinyl, and i really love it! Since Years i play digital, first with Final Scratch, later with Traktor Scratch, so i know both sides and my opinion is, don’t discuss about it, use whatever you want, but use it with your heart, that’s the most important equipment.

If you could go back in time and change one thing, what would it be? We mean ANYTHING…the world is your oyster!

Hmmm…maybe i would not go to that dirty nasty first Techno-Party in my life in Zürich 1994, which completely washed my brain. No, honestly..i believe that everything is perfect how it is, and it happens for a reason, so everything fine…i would change NOTHING!

Imagine yourself in this situation Patrick: A man walks up to you in the street and offers you a pill, one gives you the ability to fly, and the other the ability to read peoples minds. Which pill do you take and what would you do first?

I would ask him, if he got some more interesting stuff in his pocket, as i’m able to fly and read peoples mind for years already..believe sucks. imagine you take a pill, and suddenly all the fakers and haters are gone – i would pay a lot for a pill like that in these times!

Thanks a lot Patrick! You can catch Patrick Zigon playing at Lightbar for Above Zero on Sunday afternoon…