Hope you’re well, thanks very much for answering a few questions with us. You’re from beautiful Nice, in the south of France, when and why did you end up in London? Were you following the house and techno dream, or was that something that only happened once you moved to London?

I moved to London in February 2007, because as beautiful as Nice can be, nothing really happens there. It’s a very small city and I always felt very limited while I was there. Moving to London was a need for new horizons, I was already into music back then but most of my love for it grew while I was here.

Do you miss Nice?

I miss my family but that’s about it really. I always enjoy flying back in the summer and am still stunned by the beauty of the area but it’s not enough for me unfortunately! London is much more of a home to me.

Many people are probably most familiar with you from your residency with the amazing Sunday party Half Baked. How did you get together with the crew?

We used to work behind bars together, and had the idea of making a party one day, never thought It’d turn up like that!

What do you think has made it such a great party?

I believe the good thing about HB is that we all have very specifics roles to play within the party and that these roles came quite naturally, Greg and I are playing and thinking of bookings with Bruno also, whom is taking care of the promotion and is so good at it and finally Remi the business man of the family! (us four was the original crew)  Now we have a few additions to the crew also and not the leasts!

 Summer’s fast approaching (hopefully)…have you got any exciting gigs coming up?

This year I’m playing for the first time off Sonar, twice actually, I’m very happy about this I’ve never been to Sonar before and I’m very much looking forward to it. On the Saturday I’m actually warming up for Cassy I think which is a very big thing for me, I’m a big fan of her.

I’m going back to Vienna also with Greg (Brockmann), Ibiza in July, and Gran Canarias sometimes over the summer, not sure yet when.

 If you had to pick a defining moment in your career so far what would it be?

 I’ve had quite a few of these moments, to be honest I’m quite easy to please. A nice crowd, a pair of decks and a nice sound system and I’m on. But of course I’ve had a few highlights, loads of them at Half Baked as we have quite a party there, but also last year in Paris for “Concrete” on the boat and Turin was great too.

Your productions have started making waves in the scene, we LOVE the track you released on Remake Musique. Who is the mysterious ‘Dusty Dream Boat’ that you made the track with?

It’s Rainer! There’s only a few guys I like making music with and he’s one of them!

Have you got any upcoming releases for us to look out for?

Yes Indeed, I’ve been working quite a lot this winter in the studio, started buying some gear and spent loads of time making some new tracks. I’ve got a track I made with my good friend Viudez coming out on his next EP on Remake Musique, and a couple more I gave to Seuil for the 5 years birthday release of his label Eklo. I’ve got a couple of EPs ready at home also but I’m taking my time to find a good home for them, it will be my very first solo EP so I want to make it as nice as possible.

 When you’re not playing or making music yourself, do you have any favourite artists you like to listen to?

As I said earlier I’m a big fan of Cassy as a DJ, and Marc Schneider also, whom I’ve been playing with last Friday and was so impressed with his technique, never quite seen that before! I love listening to Jan krueger’s sets also and as producers I’ve got quite a few favorites, I’m into early French house at the moment, but I’m deeply in love with the Detroit house, Delano smith, Rick wade, and Daniel Bell.

Which of those would you say has been your biggest influence?

Daniel bell has been quite a big influence for me for the past year or so, I love how elegant he always is, plus these jazzy sonorities are definitely what I’m most into.

 Which dj stereotype do you think fits you best? ‘Music geek’, or ‘sex drugs and rock n’ roll’?

At the moment, “music geek” without a doubt, I’ve put my rockstar lifestyle on hold since last year which makes me way more productive in everything I do, plus I go to uni all week so I have to focus cause I like to do things well. I’m lucky to do what I do so I intend to make the most of it.

If you had to pick one, would you choose making music or dj’ing?

If I really had to pick one I would go for making music cause even though I enjoy DJing my true love stays making beats. I fell into it a bit over a couple of years ago now and can’t get enough of it. I just love it. Actually I just finished my exams so I had to put that on hold for a couple of weeks and I’m very excited to plug my machines back in the studio and start jamming again.

Finally, put yourself in this scenario. The Queen phones you and tells you she loves a nice bit of house & techno and asks you to play at her private Diamond Jubilee after party for a handsome fee. What do you put on your rider?

A good sound system. This is what I believe people forget too often. I’m very much into sound and I hate going to play to a party with bad PA system. Some tracks I play are quite subtle and I’d love to share that with people on the dance floor, I like to play “clean’’ and can hardly deal with DJs blasting the sound with all gains up all the way and 80% distortion…

Catch Robin playing for excuse the mess at Basing House Friday 1st June alongside Terence: Terry (Lola Ed) Louis Guilhem & Nick Maleedy 

Excuse The Mess Event

Words by Nick Maleedy