It’s Sunday afternoon and MEOKO is here with Dan and Kieran Clancy, otherwise known as the Krankbrothers , with all the mystery behind the guys, we decided to dig a little deeper and find out the real story behind the Krankbrothers.

We hear you just got back from Burning man Festival in the desert, tell us a little bit about your trip.

Kieran: Yeah we just got back two weeks ago from six days, it was good, I mean it’s a week long but we just went in on the second day and left on the last day, we were there with a load friends partying and then got to DJ a few times, it was amazing.

Dan: It’s the best place to go to do anything you want to do.

Sounds a bit like your nights that you promote, you have a reputation for throwing these really crazy off the wall events across London, how did it all start?

Kieran: Yeah I think the main ambition originally was to do something a little bit different, we were both quite bored with what was going on in London, you know obviously nightclubs had sort of been closing down the last five years, there were loads of warehouse parties but we just wanted to do something that really focused on the venue rather than purely on the music. We started out as a private party where we used to do these massive crazy fancy dress parties, then it got to the point where we had 300 people turning up so we thought we might as well do it every couple of months and let members of the public come and that was basically the start of Krankbrother.

And so Krankbrother? Tell us, where did that name originate from then? What does it mean?

Dan: I think it was after a few drinks in a pub when we wanted to keep the name brother cause we’re both brothers and so we were just messing around with a few words and we decided that krank seemed to fit with brother, and then it was only afterwards we realized there were a few negative connotations attached with the word (laughs)

You do look quite different actually…negative connotations, what do you mean?

Dan: A few things, one is a grumpy man, the other one means jacking off and crying at the same time (laughs)

You guys seem to be abroad in Europe a lot, Ibiza especially, are you planning to expand and run your nights out there?

Kieran: we’ve been talking about doing a little tour in 2012 , maybe going to a few European clubs and putting some events on, taking on a room and taking a few djs with us. We’re going to be doing about 2 or 3 boat parties in Ibiza next year.

Dan: Yeah, I think the boat parties are really going to be the focus of the abroad stuff next year. I just did my 30th birthday over there in Ibiza with 80 close friends on a boat which was an amazing vibe. We’ve got a beautiful yacht lined up for about 150 people and some really good acts lined up too.

Kieran: We will just be pushing the outdoor thing as much as possible, we really have found that the outdoor parties are what people want more than anything. I think people are sort of very desperate to get out of these crap basements and actually party in nice locations.

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How do you always find these locations, must be tough to always find a new venue each time? How do you manage?

Kieran: it’s just through having lived in the area for a while and knowing quite a few people I guess.

Dan: word of mouth, speaking to friends, seeing what other promoters are doing, just keeping your ears to the ground, it’s difficult, it becomes more and more difficult the bigger party you do….just trying to stay ahead of what other promoters are doing. Also, not being afraid to move around…our last one was in West London and the one before that was in Pekham and our parties started in Elephant and Castle, so our crowd have always been good for moving around. As long as you guarantee the venue is good enough, people don’t mind it.

Sounds like you have quite a lot of other exciting projects on at the moment, we hear you just launched a DJ agency?

Yeah the Krankbrother DJ Booking Agency launched this week actually, so we have seven people on the agency starting with ourselves, and then Alexis Raphael who you probably know, had a massive track this summer, ‘Kitchens and Bedrooms’. We’ve got WildKats who are putting up some great stuff, they’ve got a hot creations EP coming out so they’re making waves with all the right people. We got Nick Lawson who’s got a Visionquest tune out already and runs a really good night out in Nottingham. I got Tad Wily, who’s kind of the disco king of the agency. No Artificial Colours who are two young guys from south London and then DZeta N’ Basile . They’re two Italian guys who are also making some nice stuff so it’s all good.

“This is something MEOKO is really supporting, up and coming talent across the UK.”

So we have to know, you two are brothers, what’s that like working so closely with each other? Has anyone got any annoying tendencies? (laughs)

Dan: its easy working with your brother actually, you know where you are, it’s the easiest person I have ever worked with and in terms of djing, it’s great fun to dj with as well. We both started playing out by ourselves – we both used to play warm ups and closing acts at parties and ended playing back to back a few times and our sound went so much better together with the crowd and everything. It’s just much more fun partying with someone in the dj booth than on your own.

Kieran: I think especially when you playing back to back as well, you need quite a good understanding of the other dj to follow each other’s lead as you can’t plan your set like when you’re playing on your own, you can only plan as far as the next track cause you never know what he is going to play.

Your styles are quiet different as DJ’s…

Kieran: I think so, Dan used to traditionally play more funked up house stuff and I used to play more harder German techno but now it seems to have switched and I m going a little funkier and Dan is going a little harder (laughs)

Who are your biggest influences as DJ’s?

Kieran : Just probably the people we have booked, the people we have played with, I think that is really what has shaped where we have gone with our sound.

Dan: There are a few key labels who we have always respected like Mobilee, Bpitch, Get Physical, Dirty Bird and Crosstown Rebels, all those guys have been a really big influence on us and our djing in particular.

Have you guys ever thought about starting your own record label?

Dan: We’d love to one day, I mean its every boys dream to set up a record label its just if and when, it’s definitely a long term project!

Kieran: I think we’ve got the talent on the agency now whereby we could put out really good music. It’s just a question of getting the agency to the point we want to and then thinking about the label.

What other projects have you got in the pipeline?

Dan: Yeah, I just launched a new warehouse space in Shoreditch. Last weekend we launched with Vice Magazine so it’s a big creative event space . We do everything from fashion shows to product launches, club nights, concerts. We’ve been crazy busy with that already, we literally finished building works about 5 minutes before we opened!

Where abouts in Shoreditch is the space?

Dan : it’s just off Curtain Road, so we’ve got some really interesting stuff coming up….


You guys are real experts in what you do, there is something we want to ask you, what do you think is the next big thing in dance music?

Kieran: it goes in cycles and it’s been really housey and funky for the last year but I think its going to start going a bit more brooding and harder again, a bit more edgy!

Dan: yeah, I think we’ll see some deeper techno again as the last two summers have been very housey with the incorporation of some UK garage elements. The Jamie Jones, Lee Foss, Hot Creations sound is huge…. I feel its going to swing back a little. London really seems the forefront of electronic music at the moment, Crosstown and Hot Creations in particular.

What are your main requirements for the successful nights with Krankbrothers?

Kieran: Just finding the right venue, we don’t like doing these really skanky warehouses were you sit and get covered in dust and shit, actually a nice environment to party with rather then people paying money to go to a place where the place is dripping in sweat and the rest of it, so yeah the emphasis for us was always finding places that are ‘nice’ and ‘interesting’.

What up and coming events have you got on the go?

Dan: The next one we’ve got lined up is at the end of this month. It’s in a beautiful huge loft, its going to be fancy dress. It’s an incredible loft with windows all down the one side, it’s really difficult to find the right space that’s big enough but this one is just an unbelievable site, I am probably looking forward to that party more than any other party this year.

Kieran: I can honestly say when I walked in there, it’s the best space I have seen for a party in London, it’s just unbelievable.

Dan: we’ve got Shonky and Matt Tolfrey joining us for that one, nice deep line up so should be fun…

What’s been your favorite party you have done so far…

Kieran: I think probably the roof party for me with Heidi, 900 people, amazing weather, great music , Heidi absolutely killed it, she had the whole place hopping up and down, Lee Curtis was brilliant, really got it started, built it up slowly, it was jut perfect.

Dan: The other thing about that party is there was torrential rain for the first two hours, I did not think we were going to open , the weather was so bad you could not even see 10 meters, then came this beautiful sunshine, and almost as a result of that the energy was ridiculous!

Unseen footage of rooftop party with Heidi and Lee Curtis..

We feel you have created this new club experience, it’s not a club, it;s not a warehouse, it’s something different…..

So the final question for today, what is your favorite tune of the summer 2011?

Kieran: Alexis Raphael – Kitchens and Bedrooms

A little biased there maybe…?

Kieran: (laughs)perhaps (laughs)no, but really, it’s been played all over DC10, Space and everywhere else this summer. And the original too, not the remix because the original is the best!

Dan: for me I think it’s probably Nhar – Innerplace, which has a nice eighties kind of vibe to it, quite euphoric but works really well.

Thanks guys for having us in your home, best of luck with everything!