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HOTWAX – April 2020

The perfect “HOT WAX” list is as elusive an idea yet at Meoko we love chasing after it! Get really comfortable and look through each record…. somewhere in the pursuit is a spirit of curation that we think leads to a better relationship with music overall. While everyone’s been on the Egg Easter hunt, we’ve been looking out for records. List in no particular order, enjoy!


  • Ferro – Out Of Me EP

Fasten your seat belt – we’re kicking off the list with Fasten Musique! VBX resident DJ and A&R of the record label Ferro, makes a vigorous appearance for the 14th instalment of the label. Fasten Musique starts the new decade with a stellar 3 track EP, those who had the chance have already witnessed dancefloor casualties with any of these pure minimal tracks. Limited copies – vinyl only! Legit!

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  • Rico Casazza – Purple Wave EP

Crisp sounds on Purple Wave aesthetics landed on Dionysian Mysteries, courtesy of electro and techno veteran Rico Casazza. The title track, which is also the first track of this record could be considered as a curious but inspired blend of electro rhythms played on live drums. Druggy Italo-disco/new wave style arpeggio bass and alien-sounding electronic melodies will keep you on your toes from start to finish. A total of 5 tracks – this EP is a great addition to your record collection. Be it for your listening pleasure at home or for the dancefloor. Rico’s production style demonstrates constant innovation and originality.

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  • Afriqua – Four Fleurs EP

No matter what sound he tries, Afriqua has no problem with the technical side of production. Esteemed Metereze imprint dishes out yet another quality release and presents the long-awaited debut of Afriqua with a 4 track EP symbolically named Four Fleours. Each track comes with its own intrinsic identity while knotty melodies and sharp arrangements give this EP a symmetrical intonation.

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  • Monkey Nenufar – 2 Monkeys In The Oud

French producers Ben Vedren and Leiris first came together with an EP on Minibar back in 2014 before launching their Monkey Nenufar project in 2016 as a vessel for their most intricate and psychoactive tracks. It’s the perfect scenario for another intriguing cross-cultural collaboration on Cosmo Records, exploring the space between Western club sounds and traditional Moroccan musicianship. The flexibility in Monkey Nenufar’s sound makes for the perfect match for the Cosmo Records philosophy, exploring a range of styles and using a broad sound palette with a shared focus on pushing forwards. It’s this futuristic context that Cosmo wants to place the traditional sounds of Morocco in, and as ever the results are truly spellbinding.

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  • Cab Drivers – Spaceship / Quotes

Fresh originals from their adventures thru space and time, Cab Drivers gives us deep and driving baselines. Spaceship brings you to their typical sound dimensions while Quotes quote some of the older classics from the two. Can you spot some?

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  • Triptease – Mescaleros LP

Triptease has steadfastly become a staple of the ever-impressive Berlin electronic music scene. Comprised of four multitalented musicians, (Topper, Francesco, Jacopo and Hugo), they have become known for their marathon live performances that can sometimes reach the impressive 8 hrs in length and incorporate special guest musicians from around the globe. Their first full-length LP and debut on Visionquest perfectly display a sound that they have crafted in diverse locations across the world, including a week of recording in Tenerife, right under the Teide Volcano, a location that is considered to be the secret mountain of Guanche Mythology.

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  • East End Dubs – bRave EP

Repress alert! East End Dubs delivered his highly anticipated ‘bRave’ EP, accompanied by label boss Enzo Siragusa on remix duties. The long-awaited ‘bRave’ is one of the most requested tracks of the year having been championed heavily by label head Enzo Siragusa and Jamie Jones across recent months, alongside two further originals and a hefty remix from Siragusa himself.

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  • Ten Years Of One Part 1

It’s now accepted that label anniversary compilations and EPs should be stacked with high-grade cuts, preferably offered up by sizable or notable artists. Even so, there’s something extra-special about this first part of Digbeth-based One Records‘ 10th anniversary EP series.

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  • Bakked – Employee EP

From the moment the needle hits the record, it’s apparent that Bakked’s latest EP – his first on the freshly minted Outban imprint – is a cannily produced, retro-futurist affair. Chicago house style bassline and wiggly acid lines around a tough 21st-century tech-house groove.


  • Die Gestalten – Widerstand

4th release for Die Gestalten! The fact that these records get snapped in the blink of an eye without any sort of promotion nor digital or social media surpasses me. Whoever is behind this project has got it right 100%! As per usual this release is very limited to copies, no repress and vinyl only! Basically, the real underground!

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Ricardo Villalobos & Maher Daniel – Changes EP Part 2

Is there a better way of kicking 2020 than having Ricardo Villalobos and Maher Daniel release the 2nd Part to their Changes EP? Probably not! True to their unique style Ricardo and Maher co-create yet again heavy, twisted minimalist drums with hits of blissful melodies. Treat yourself!

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  • Vitess – NRMND007

In Paris, Vitess has become a member of the new wave of artists to follow, thanks to his unique live performances. This fine DJ and live performer just released a detonating EP for the seventh Normandy Records release. Keep an eye on him, that’s just the beginning.

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  • Dicret Popescu – Agent Discret

Repress alert! Minimal house grooves in unmistakable Romanian fashion. Amazing and pure minimalism by Crihan aka Discret Popescu.

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Words & record selections hand-picked by Denny Kem.


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