MEOKO wass born in 2011 five years on, the music and events platform is going from strentgh to strength, always trying to bring you the freshest in electronic music and what is going on around the world, this year MEOKO itself  is  taking over the patronage on New Years Day and teaming up with One Night to bring you some of the finest and freshest talents around to make you party till the early hours of 2016.



Its that kind of event which will make you want to travel until the end of the world – and beyond – only to be part of whatever it may be. It is more than exciting to become part of something which is a little off the radar yet so vanguard it is more than just surprising that this is happening. It does, as if by magic, in this exact constellation: Alex Cellar. Nu-Zau. Derek. Melodie.  And Thomas Purton. Look no further.

NYD A5 TXTAll these amazing artists – some of the most remarkable and up and coming underground artists around –  make up the nucleus of this fantastic party, all brought together in one single night which is bound to be an excess of fresh frequencies and fantastic frolics, thanks to our teams great artist curatorship.

Headliner is Alex Celler of Trelik, Tuning Spork and Concealed fame. No stranger to MEOKO lovers, he is a safe bet for a fantastic workout on the dancefloor. The greek master of all things modular has dance music in his vains: his old man used to run a discotheque in Thessaloniki. It’s the total biography clichee, but Alex got his first fix through his record collection. With his move to London in 2004 where he picked up his studies in sound engineering, Alex became serious about making music for the dancefloor that “has its own personality, its own story to tell, its own vibe and groove“.  He resisted until 2014 to submit a demo to Trelik, one of his most admired labels, and got picked up by Baby Ford after investigating modular synth sounds. It seems like the quest to creating the most forward-thinking, alien sounds possible has paid off, so join him on his voyage.

Alex Celler Exclusive Mix – Listen HERE

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He is backed up by the creme de la creme of the up and coming next wave of amazing Romanian DJs and producers: Nu-Zau, known for his output on Uvar and Soul Inn Records, is about endless alterations and rhythms, 
sounds, percussions, basslines. Growing up with hip-hop sounds, he was also heavily influenced by the minimal sounds that were all of a sudden cropping up all around him in Bucarest with the a:rpia:r crew being the centre of things. Nu-Zau’s way sparse, stripped-back productions originally owe a lot to their aesthetics, yet he has been pushing the boundaries even further with his efforts on on the glitchier, more drawn-out side of electronic music, culminating in the release of his debut album through pioneering minimal imprint Archipel in 2012. Sincethen, Nu-Zau has been busy developing Uvar, his own label, and exploring sounds in all its facets.

Derek is probably the most remarkable newcomer hailing from Romania right now. Only 21 years old, just signed to MEOKO agency and having released his first record at 16 which saw him spinning alongside Tania Volcano in Ibiza before he was legally allowed to enter liquor stores in some countries, and this laid back been-there-seen-it-all attitude explains his approach to sound and production: really open-minded and without any need to rush things: he just knows how to follow his instincts. His recent string of releases on labels like Parang and Hourglass are just the tip of the iceberg.

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In a similar vain, deep thinker Melodie, similarly fine and fresh, is another safe bet when it comes to producing unpredictable, intelligent sound.  He is connected to the machines, in order to produce emotional music, which in turn, results in better understanding of emotion. After landing a release of Metereze, Raresh’s label, the tracks had been set for him to keep exploring., and he has not stopped ever since, only gaining momentum.

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Last but not least Thomas Purton, also hailing from Bukarest, and one of the newest additions to the scene.

We are excited to be there with all of you fancy faces.  Time to huddle up with like-minded music heads and dance like nobody is watching us…just how it all began.

Not only is MEOKO a quality source for all things techno and house, this fantastic music resource is at the forefront of bringing quality artists to the right spot at the right time.

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