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Get to know ‘Adorned’, the mother daughter duo creating fashion and accessories with a conscience.


From the humble beginnings at a northern market stall, interest grew in the brand, now known especially for its intricate trinket like jewelry.  Bohemian style designs from ethically sourced and recycled beads and metals coupled with upcycled and customized clothing provided the perfect fix for the fashion footprint concerned consumer.

The Adorned duo search far and wide for one off pieces to finish off with one of a kind embroidered or stamp printed designs, their elephant printed shorts proving to be a hit this summer, but as the winter months start to settle in, it’s the Hamsa hand denim jackets we have our eyes on!


As well as regularly attending craft fairs and markets around the UK, their goods can also be found on Asos marketplace for the ease of internet shopping; a lot has happened in the less than two years Adorned has been in business and we can’t wait to see where they will end up next.

What is the story behind ‘Adorned’, why did you start up your own brand?

Adorned sort of happened unintentionally! When I was 18 and in my first year of university I got a bit frustrated with studying all the time, so had an evening to myself to do some sewing, where I created this beautiful embroidered stag-head denim shirt. It got a lot of compliments, and my mum (aka my business partner) suggested making a few pieces for this market we had coming up, where we were just clearing some old jumble and jewellery. She’s been buying, making and selling jewellery for over a decade and I used to even bunk off school to help her!  So making the products comes very naturally, the challenging part has been to turn it into a proper business. Both of us too are eco-warriors – we hate how unsustainable the high street is becoming and wanted to do something to counter it. We want to give people an alternative to the high street that is different to vintage and more luxurious than charity shopping – though we love  both! Adorned grows in following every week and now we are on ASOS Marketplace, we’re starting to get some exposure that we never imagined we’d have!

Dipdye elephant2

 How has been the reception to such an ethical brand, do people like the idea of upcycled clothing and accessories?

Our customers love it! The products we produce reflect our own style that we’ve had for years but is also very in at the moment – paisley prints, elephants, hand-sewn shisha mirrors, chokers and lots of dainty chains. I think more often than not people are amazed that all our customised clothing is recycled. I do all the customization so when people see this rail packed with pieces they’re shocked that I have time to do it all. People like that they can buy a unique, ethical piece from us. We rarely make two pairs of earrings the same – why should we when we have the creative capacity to make ten different? The best part is that between us we adorn women (and occasionally men) of all ages: Margarita’s pieces often appeal to an older lady with a hippy spirit whilst my pieces are loved by a teens and young adults – though it’s not mutually exclusive. I once sold a headchain to a woman in her 50s!

What are you adorning yourself with today?

The weather is turning now which gives me the perfect opportunity to wear a vintage purple dress I picked up from a charity shop for £4 – I’ve shortened it but it fits like a dream! I’ve teamed it with a pair of vintage black boots I got the other day and my trusty thrifted black suede biker. I’ll also add on a tonne of our Alpaca silver rings and a pair of our ethnic treasure earrings, which go with just about anything. I’ll actually be posting the outfit on Lookbook later if I can get a good picture!

wristchain copy

 We see that you’ve just come back from festival fun in Croatia and it seems that the summer season will soon be over! Can we catch Adorned at any cosy Christmas markets this year? 

It was amazing! We’ve also just worked Hardwick Live, a two-day music festival. Next year we aim to be working loads of festivals, but for now you can catch us at the Good Food Market at the University of York on the second Friday of every month, as well as their fresher’s event Live & Loud on the 4th October. We are looking into vintage fairs and Christmas markets so keep your eye on our Facebook page and Twitter for specific dates – our stall looks like an eastern bazaar so you won’t want to miss it! Our ASOS Marketplace and Depop are however open all hours though for those who can’t catch us in person.


Adorned are kindly giving away a customised Hamsa hand denim jacket to one lucky reader, along with a elephant pendant and stone set ring to finish off the look, alltogether this lovely bunch is worth over £100, thank you Adorned!

To be in  chance with winning, email with the subject ‘I wanna be Adorned’ and tell us what you like to adorn yourself in at the weekend. 

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