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MEOKO has been digging deep to bring you the best in up and coming brands and designers for the coolest unique creations out there. Each brand representing positivity,creativity and a fun and friendly vibe, to tie in with what we stand for here at MEOKO. Over the coming weeks we’ll be presenting some our favourites, as well as some fresh undiscovered talents for you to feast your eyes over.

Get to know ‘Aimless‘…

Speak to any owner of a fashion label and no doubt they will have a profound story to tell you behind the inception and creation of the brand and what it stands for. Well, not Aimless, as the name suggests and that really is quite refreshing.

not everything has to have a deep meaning behind it…but I guess that’s the deep meaning behind aimless

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Based in Nottingham, a city whose creative scene is flourishing day by day, Aimless focusses on quality products and prints that steer clear of being over-designed, but that is by no means to say that they look boring.

Still in their early days, rather than bombard us with styles, a capsule collection of four shirts is on offer at the moment. But which one to pick? Would a blobfish or a mullet suit your personality more?

We spoke to Adam David, the man behind Aimless to find out more about the brand without a cause.

…it doesn’t take itself too seriously but that doesn’t mean that designs and quality are taken for granted. It’s kind of my general outlook on life and things I find interesting. 

Like when I went to vegas and walked through the Flamingo Casino, which looks exactly like it did in the 70’s, it was just full of sleaziness. And I love sleaziness. I’m not a sleazy person but I’d love to take a trip to Miami circa 1985…it just cemented my love for seediness…well…not love, more of an appreciation. That might be why I love techno so much, I have a theory about techno. You can only listen to it when you’re up to no good. All the techno events I’ve been to have an air of seediness to them. You never listen to techno when you’re doing stuff like laundry…or like, accounting. I’m talking like…really industrial techno

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Where does the name ‘Aimless’ come from?

I think coming up with the name was the hardest part. Names sum up everything you’re about in 1-3 words. I sat down for almost a week coming up with countless names, aimlessly searching, and that was the ‘lightbulb moment’ …if you want to call it that.

We’re all a little aimless, and the name portrays traits that are found in most of us, but aren’t necessarily celebrated. Things like apathy, indecisiveness, inattention and a sense of whimsical randomness. But it also portrays nothing…and is just aimless. Sometimes wandering with no direction can lead you to the most interesting destinations.

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Are blobfish in this season or are they an all year round staple?

I think the blobfish might be the most aimless animal in the ocean. It barely has any muscle mass and just floats above the ocean floor waiting for food to flow into its mouth. Blobfish don’t concern themselves with trends so you’ll probably see them around for a while, the deep sea knows no seasons.

What did you do before you were ‘Aimless’?

I did a degree in graphic design, and after struggling to find a job and doing a few work placements I realized that I’d rather design for myself than others. I’ve done art installations for a few music events and festivals and ran my own house night with some friends, so I guess I’ve always been a bit aimless. But I’ve had this idea of designing t-shirts since I was 16, and now that it’s starting to get colder, you can expect some fun winter pieces coming your way too.

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Where can you purchase an Aimless item?

If you’re in Nottingham we’re hosting a stall at Black & Blue this Friday at The Market Bar, so if you like techno get yourself down there and say hello! Our stuff is also stocked in Mimm, probably my favorite shop in Nottingham. It’s a store in the Hockley area that prides itself on pushing local talent, whether its art music or fashion.

If you’re in London we’ll be at The Wick on the 18th and 25th

Or you can always check us out online.

Our website is: www.aimlessclothing.com

(All photos by Lolita Cameron)


Aimless are kindly giving away 1 Tshirt of each design (pictured in this article) away to one lucky reader!

Email us at hello_competitions@devmeoko.co.uk with the subject title ‘Aimless’ and tell us what your aimless obsession is.



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