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 Knitwear is no longer left for functional use only, as Megan Crook shows with ‘Crooked Knitwear’, style can ooze from each loop and weave of a knitted garment effortlessly. 

Now based in Derby, the Crooked journey began in Philadelphia where Megan gained a foundation diploma in fine arts, although no knitting was taught here, this provided the groundwork for what was to lead on to a self taught obsession and discovery of new skills.

Since the launch in 2005, Megan has gone on to win the International Young Designer Award at the Young Designer Awards in London and was given sponsorship to take part in the International Designer Show during NYFW in September 2008, with such success from the word go it was clear that the step into the launching her own creative business was a positive move for Megan!


From this, Crooked Knitwear has only got bigger and better, leading to what is now a colourful brand providing fun and unique knitwear, clothing, accessories and leather goods to those who wish to adorn themselves in the patterned pieces. Using a mixture of the classic prints from Liberty, hand dyed decorative fabrics and of course knitted textiles, Crooked Knitwear is a must for any fashion fan who likes to make a sleek but crafted statement.


Who are ‘Crooked Knitwear’ and when did your love affair with jazzy knits start?

14 years ago, I was working as a singing waitress and I had to begin making clothes in order to stop myself from spending all my tips in my favourite clothing store. After some impressive interest with people literally scrambling to buy the clothes off of my back, I created Crooked Knitwear out of my secret love affair with knitting. I taught myself to hand knit and then grew into using domestic machines also and am now a self-taught knit surgeon.  Crooked Knitwear has grown incredibly and after using books to learn how to pattern cut it now includes: knitwear, clothing and accessories. Get Crooked, our festival range, is Crooked Knitwear’s baby sister. We believe that life’s a festival so we bring colour sensation to the party with happy handmade clothing! The Get Crooked range is young, fresh and full of colours to make your mouth water. Everything is designed and skillfully handmade here in our studio in Derby. The Get Crooked range fuels my appetite for effervescent creativity.

I see you are based in Derby, what is the midlands like for creative businesses?

The midlands is great for its creative energy and can be quite inspirational as there is a great individualist approach to fashion. I am originally from Philadelphia, USA, and moving over to a completely new country was hard but Derby has been my home for 10 years and helped me and my business flourish. However, we do travel at great length to seek new markets and find new Crooked customers attending around 20 different events a year!


What is Crooked Knitwear’s ethos?

Our philosophy is based on creating colourful handmade clothing to be cherished. We aim to trigger that feel good feeling through wearing Crooked Knitwear or Get Crooked. Get Crooked is an array of fluorescent fabulousness that is energising and transferrable from festival fashion to ever day! In short, we basically want our customers to feel wonderful and wear good quality long lasting products.

Tell us more about your crafty workshops!

During the festival season we like to sprinkle a little bit of handmade happiness onto the festival go-ers by running workshops. Our workshops have included moccasin making which was extremely effective and more recently bum bag making workshops using fluorescent leather! Look out for us at festivals in the future with more DIY workshop ideas!


 Do you have a favourite track that inspires you/you like to work to?

 A song that inspires Crooked Knitwear is So Flute by St Germain. This song marks a huge triumph for us as it was the soundtrack to a runway show we did in 2009. I won the Young Designer Award and as a result was sponsored to take part in the International Designers Show at New York Fashion Week! An extraordinary experience that is matched by the unique use of instruments in this song.

How can we purchase Crooked Knitwear?

 Crooked Knitwear is sold on our website with some products also on our Etsy store: . We can also be found at a wide range of events up and down the country. We sell the Get Crooked range at festivals throughout the summer such as Glastonbury and Secret Garden Party whilst also having an online presence through Get Crooked boutiques at ASOS Marketplace ( and Silk Fred, which will be launched by September 12th 2014.


 As our main hobby here at MEOKO is disco dancing, it seems fitting that Crooked Knitwear are kindly giving away their Disco Lace Dress to one lucky reader.


To enter simply email with the title ‘Crooked’ and tell us where you would like to get grooving in the disco lace dress.  


Head to the Crooked website here.



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