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Why have something hand made when you can have it Madmade? This week we speak to Maddie Doyle creator of ‘Madmade’, responsible for creating her luscious range of one off feathered creations gracing the heads of her fellow ‘Maduns’ this festival season.

Madmade is a brand born out of an organic love for creation and hedonism. With roots in fine art and music, not fashion or business, Maddie has been part of production teams performing live art and decorative duties at music destinations such as Antwerp Mansion, Global Gathering and Pangea Festival, after earning her stripes running electronic music events in Nottingham. Now part of her own collective, Moonstone Productions, formed with likeminded friends, together they have been responsible for transforming the likes of Gottwood and Secret Garden this summer with big plans already for the next.


A peek at Maddies personal blog and website will show you a slice of her creative mind, as you will get a glimpse of personal sketches and daily inspirations often referencing natural beauties with focus on crystals and wildlife, it is easy to see how this artist thinks.

Always a great believer in dressing for the disco, it seems a natural next step then for Maddie to conjure up some creations to be enjoyed best when the music is loud, resulting in handmade feathered headdresses, each with an originally sourced unique headband and embellishments, finished off with fur lining for comfort.


Who is Madmade and where did it all start?

I’ve always been enthusiastic about the arts and making stuff! I guess it all really kicked off during my time in University in Nottingham where I had some real opportunities to let my creativity grow. I was studying fine art, mainly working with painting and installation art and my passion for electronic music drove me to start up my own monthly electronic music events, so it was only a natural progression for me to fuse these interests together and start working in creative events production and design for live events and festivals!

As for the Madmade Head Wear – it all started for fun! I created my first feathered headdress earlier this year when I was working on film project with my friend! With summer approaching and festival season around the corner, I thought I would get a few together to make and sell to my friends. I had already made plans over the summer building some art installations at a couple of festivals in collaboration with some friends – Moonstone Productions, so I decided to bring along the headdresses I had made and sell them on site! I gave them out to a bunch my friends to parade around in! We looked like a flock of vibrant disco birds! We caught a lot of interest and people wanted to get involved in the fun!


I was really exited to see that The Guardian had posted a photograph of my friend at Glastonbury wearing a mad made head creation in their article ‘Glastonbury’s Finest Head Wear – get a hat, get a head’. Since then I have been really busy throughout the summer making more head gear, developing new techniques in and working on a number of commissions and sales!

From what started out a fun project with friends has now magically turned into an exiting business venture, which I love and I’m really exited to see the Madmade brand grow!

When should a Madmade piece be worn?

Madmade pieces are designed to be for any fun soiree! The headpieces are lightweight, easy to wear and versatile, coming in various shapes and sizes to suit many occasions! It could be worn as a statement party piece, whether it’s a night out at a club or a house party, whether you are peacocking at a festival, a wedding or a themed event, anywhere where the music is loud, I encourage a madmade piece to be brought out! Participation is fun and builds an atmosphere! 


What is the maddest thing you’ve made?

I love going out on little ventures with my camera and when I was studying at University I spent some time exploring and documenting abandoned spaces around the city of Nottingham. Often I would scavenge raw materials, mechanical scrap and old treasures and bring my discoveries back to my studio space to play around and create something with. For one project, I continuously returned to this derelict mill, I would tear down whole huge parts of the decaying wall façade and fill my car up with these rotting wooden panels and then store them in my studio space. People used to give me the strangest looks walking past; little did they know that this would be the start of something quite beautiful! I was seen a number of times traipsing through my art school with these panels of rotting wood leaving a trail of destruction and creepy crawlies in my path! Once the rotten wood dried, leaving some beautiful decaying stains and textures, I used the wood to build an installation with in my studio space, smashing a giant hole in the studio wall and using the wood to create on going layers behind the wall where crystals grew from within!


So I guess the whole process of this project was quite mad made haha!

Where can you purchase a Madmade item?

I’ll be running a stall down at The Wick this Saturday 13th September selling a collection of one of a kind head pieces in a range of colours, shapes and sizes, come down and see me and get involved in the fun!


I also have a stall coming up in a couple of weeks at Wellington Mill Paint Jam in Ancoats, Manchester on Sunday 28th September. This event is shaping up to be pretty exiting too – down at Wellington House – Manchester’s newest creative space, its an all day event of music, live painters, food and a sellers market, definitely get your selves down to this one if you’re knocking about up north!

I also happy to work on commission base, so if you are interested in a bespoke made piece, or if you have any ideas for a customised piece just drop me a line on

You can visit my website to check out my latest mad made creations and head gear at – to give you a taster of what I’ll be bringing down to the stall at The Wick this Saturday! 


Maddie has kindly offered to give away this beautiful purple asymmetric headpiece to one lucky reader. To be in with a chance of winning simply email with the title ‘I am Madmade’ and tell us what the maddest thing you have ever made is. Good Luck!

Head to the Madmade website here



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