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This week we speak to Wild Buffalo and Robe Unfold, a brand who in it’s early days is hitting the ground running. Responsible for cladding the neck and head of DJs who are not adverse to a bit of sparkle, next time you see Jamie Jones, Laura Jones, Damien Lazarus and anyone else head bopping in reflective headgear in the DJ booth and beyond, chances are it is Wild Buffalo and Robe Unfold who has provided the snoods!

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Wild Buffalo and Robe Unfold is the brainchild of Mario Matos, who using his experience of years in fashion retail decided to make the leap into his own range with a unique outlook:

‘To achieve a ludicrous dream of a brand that not only appeals to some but offers a place where people could truly have a sense  of ownership, rather than just working for a company/brand who’s views are totally self-centred’

With such a dream it only makes sense that those being the first to champion the brand are not those stuck in a corporate bubble, but the free spirited party souls with a similar outlook.


We spoke to Mario to find out more about the thinking behind his new creation, and judging by the reaction so far, this is one that is here to stay.

Where did the name ‘Wild Buffalo and Robe Unfold’ come from and how did the brand come to be?

The name is inspired by the chief of a Native American tribe Amahami ,According to tribal history, the Amahami had always lived along the upper Missouri River, they were a peaceful tribe who dedicated their time looking after the land and trading with other tribes the Amahami Chief was Tatuckcoprinreha (White Buffalo Robe Unfolded) after reading about them I felt a connection with them and the English name of the chief just stayed in my mind and as the brand started to take shape I was drawn to his name more and more, in the end Wild Buffalo and Robe Unfold just popped up and here we are.

How does it feel to be wearing a WBRU snood?

My hope is that when people wear a WBRU snood they will feel like they are dressing a part of their personality and showing the world that they are here to have fun, that is why our ethos is: Be the change you want to see 
” Gangdhi”

wbrudj1 copy

Are there any plans to expand into other sequined goodies or will you only be producing headwear?

We will definitely be expanding the range beyond snoods as we continue to grow, but for the time being I’m already developing a winter version of the snood and I’m talks with an amazing super creative Spanish designer to create a super exclusive limited edition of the snood!
In time I hope to have a full collection that will include a full men’s and women’s range in the not so distant future.

How can we purchase a snood for ourselves?

At present the snoods can be found at www.boutiquecamping.com
Keep an eye on www.wbru.co.uk for updates on what’s coming out and what’s new with us.

wbru laurajones

Wild Buffalo and Robe Unfold are kindly giving away an awesome snood to one lucky reader! To be in with a chance of winning, then email hello_competitions@devmeoko.co.uk with the subject title ‘Wild Buffalo’ and tell us where you would like to voyage with your tribe wearing a super sparkly snood. 


Visit the Wild Buffalo and Robe Unfold website here. 



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